You are God alone: Phillips Craig & Dean

Whenever people go through difficult situations – I’m not talking small stuff, I’m talking divorce, the death of a family member, the loss of a job, or any other major incredible loss, many will turn to the sky and cry out, “Why, God!”

Sometimes I ask myself that question too, in regards to smaller things. “Why are you telling me to do this? Why do I need to go here or do that? What is the point?” “Why are you making me wait so long?” “Why can’t I do this now?”

And then I hear this song.

What does this have to do with my characters?

As I was in the midst of writing Second Chances, and trying to create authentic characters who suffer deep grief from the loss of their sister, I found Lacey asking those questions we all ask. “Why? How could you let this happen?”

I don’t have the answers to these questions. No one has the answers to these questions. But this is what I do know. God does not change. He is going to be the same forever. He is unshakable. Our lives are fluid, like a river. Sometimes we meander through life, sometimes we rush through life, we fall over waterfalls. We’re always moving forward, we cannot go back in time to change or undo the past, to bring people back. But God does not move.

This may not be the comfortable answer people seek. It may not even be enough for Lacey. Throughout life, we may be given advice, or counsel, whether spiritual or otherwise, and sometimes it takes us humans a long time to figure out how to process things and how to move on. If I am going to create authentic characters, I have to remember that. An instant “I’m all better,” attitude is not authentic.

Have you ever had to face difficult situations in your life? Were you ever given advice, spiritual or otherwise? What has been the most helpful thing for you, in handling and processing difficult situations?

Until next week. 🙂

Sara Beth Williams