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Yesterday by Amanda Tru: Book Review


Yesterday: The Yesterday Series: Book 1

By Amanda Tru

Genre: Christian Romance Suspense Time Tavel

198 pages.




Her yesterday was five years ago. What will her tomorrow bring?

When HANNAH KRAEGER saves a family injured in a car accident, she has no idea she has changed events in the past. Waking the next morning, Hannah discovers her yesterday was really five years ago.

Each trip Hannah takes through time changes the timeline and her own life. With help from DR. SETH MCALLISTER, Hannah must unravel the mystery of why she time travels and who she actually is before the strange ability costs her future, the man she loves, and even her life.

YESTERDAY is a thrilling Christian Romantic Suspense filled with unexpected twists, mystery, and romance.

My take:

I have been raving about this book for a while now. If you have been following my blog you’ll probably remember my constant ravings about it. I am waiting to buy book 5 and will likely purchase it sometime this week. I cannot say enough about how much I love this series. I debated how I should review this series as it is a book series in which each book review would result in spoilers for anyone who hasn’t started reading the first book. So I am choosing to only review Book 1.

Hannah is such a quirky character with many strengths and many obvious weaknesses. She’s strong-willed in heart and in her faith. She is a very emotional person, which is part of the problem from the very beginning. She’s a chemistry master student: enough said. She’s also an avid and talented artist, which I found a fascinating juxtaposition against her highly intelligent scientific mind.

What I appreciated about this book, and the series overall, is that every single sentence, every single piece of information that Tru writes is important. I caught myself wondering, why is it slowing down so much? Don’t blink, and don’t skim, or you’ll miss out on something. This is one of those series where you’ll be going back to the first book to try and pinpoint a bit of information that was mentioned that then later comes up in the third or fourth book.

All of the other characters are also engaging, quirky, full of realistic qualities, yet it’s told in first person, so you have that better-than-reality mindset that people in love tend to have sometimes about their significant other.

The books in this series are not sermons in text form. They’re the story of the lives of characters, characters that happen to believe in a great God. The theme of the book delves into the questions we all wonder – is our life important to God? does He have a plan for us? Tru uses the stories of these characters to ask questions and make you think, rather than to tell you what you should think. This is something I appreciate in Christian fiction today.

This series is full of romance, time travel and suspense – many of the books end on cliffhangers, and I will emphasize that they are well done cliffhangers. I say that because, cliffhangers become annoyances when the next book does not measure up, when the reader is left terribly disappointed (which has happened to me, grr) Every book is better than this one, and I wish I could review them all, but I will leave the reader to enjoy them spoiler free.

I highly recommend picking up a copy.

Happy reading!

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  1. That seems to be a very specific genre. Not that I am complaining – I appreciate knowing exactly what I am getting into when I pick up a book. I’ll have to check this series out.

    1. Glad you liked it. It kind of covers a slew of genres, but I’d say it’s more romance than suspense. The suspense isn’t really your ‘thriller mystery” type suspense. I picked up several time traveling type books last year and this was the best series I read because the beginning hooks you so quickly, whereas others I read did not hook me so easily.

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