WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday – May round up

I have decided to do these at the end of each month instead of randomly posting WWW posts all over the place. Hooray for order and organization.

What I am reading:

I’m starting to read .Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling (The Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales) I’ve been following this author’s blog for a while and I’m excited to finally find a book about pirates. I kind of have a thing for pirates. 😀

I am also beginning the Smoke and Mirrors Romantic Suspense 8-novellas collection. Should be fun to read 🙂 Love me some romance with action/suspense!

What I finished

I’ve finished beta reading a YA fantasy called Song in the Desert

I finished up Her one and Only: LOVE Becky Wade. Wonderful author. Great series. I’ll be picking up the other books in her series periodically throughout the year, I am sure. The Book Review is HERE.

I finished reading Temperance’s trial: Virtues of Valor series 1 by Hallee Bridgeman. A  historical fiction novella about women who were spies during WWII.

I did NOT read through The Fall of Lucifer. High, very flowery, very eloquent fantasy is hard for me to get into. Also I read some terrible reviews….consistently saying the same thing over many reviewers.

Also: the New Rulebook – the writing style was just so weird I couldn’t get into it. The storyline was fine, suspenseful even, but the weird, strange, present tense writing style is difficult for me to read

What I plan to read next

I have kinda picked up TWO reading projects for the month of June. “flexes reading/editing muscles” Not sure if that’s a good thing, or not… The last beta reads I have completed, the authors have been extremely happy with my zillions of comments. (ok not zillions…) But every author is different.

Apparently I am the luckiest person when it comes to book giveaways. I have one FOUR book giveaways

A light upon my heart (couldn’t upload the cover for some reason?)

Close to you by Kara Isaac

Seek and Hide by Amanda G Stevens.

Rise of the Sparrows by Sarina Langer

Not ONLY that, but Amazon has also given me $3 free toward kindle purchases, and THREE FREE BOOKS. For no apparent reason that I can decipher.

I think I should probably refrain from entering book raffle giveaways for a while.

So which one will I be reading next? Close to you is the only one they offered in e-book format. 🙂

What are you reading?? Leave me your WWW link in the comments!



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