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WWW Wednesday July Wrap up


What I finished reading:

Counted with the Stars: an EXCELLENT biblical fiction story from the viewpoint of an Egyptian slave during the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. It was beautifully written, and thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ Book Review here:

Surrendered Hearts: A contemporary Christian romance. I also thoroughly enjoyed this book; well written, with likeable, yet flawed, characters.

Tangled Tales: I DNFED THIS ONE! I’m sorry, I have issues with blatant political undercurrents in YA fiction. It might offend people that I say that, but I don’t apologize.  When the story itself revolves around mermaids who literally survive by smoking “C-Weed” and will die if they can’t harvest and smoke the stuff from a sacred” ground, which is under threat from an otherwordly force… uh, the political message is loud and clear and frankly, extremely annoying.

What I am currently reading: 

Let the water hold me down: Written by my former college English Professor. Signed by him and given to me as a birthday gift. I need to ask him if this is based on his life or not….the first few chapters are slow, but it’s picking up. Interesting story.

What I plan to read next: 

I have picked up the equivalent of at least one free book a day in the last two weeks, so I’ve been sorting through them to peruse which ones are worth my time. I literally can’t resist free books.

I also picked up this beauty from this little free library at a local park.



(I wish I had taken a picture of the library – it’s one of those tiny ones that looks like a little house with a roof and a wooden/plexi-glass door, with 2 shelves. I was visiting in-laws out of town and forgot to snap a shot of this one at their local park.

Anyway, I have heard great reviews of this story so I’m going to dive in to this one next.

Your turn friends!

What are you reading this week? What causes you to DNF a book? Check out why else I might DNF a book here


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