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WWW Wednesday: February Wrap Up

Thanks to Taking on a World of Words for hosting this weekly blog hop where readers all gather to share what they’ve been reading and want to read next. You can absolutely join in by visiting her blog and leaving a comment answering the following 3 questions.


What did I finish reading?

I read this great YA book called Waiting for Natalie by Dan Spanton.  Excellent YA book, wonderful writing, fascinating locale of Colombia, South America. Apparently the author lived there. There was a massive inconsistency in the 2nd to last chapter, quite glaring really, but other than that, it was a very fun read.

Also, I finally finished the Porter Family series by Becky Wade, that being book #3 A love like Ours. I loved it, of course I love all her books. Except her novellas. I’m VERY picky about novellas. But there was a novella I read in December, which was set between book #3 and #4. I had read book #4 quite a while ago and they’re mostly stand alones, although it helps. But the Novella was terrible, particularly because it was so SHORT. Like, 25 pages or something. It definitely helps to read book #3 before you read the little in between novella.

Last week I finished the 2nd book in the Haven Seeker’s series.

Found and Lost: by Amanda G. Stevens.

These books are intense. What if Christianity was outlawed because the government deemed that every Christian was a dangerous person, based on the actions of just a few? FREAKY huh!! Sounds like the current government’s mindset toward Islam. (Which, honestly I just made that connection last week, long after finishing the first book in the series…still Super freaky!!!

Great book. Well written. Not sure I like the ending. From the beginning, I liked MC 1 and hated MC 2 then throughout the book, my opinions reversed themselves. MC 2 turns into a total jerk IMO. But the ending is obviously completely open ended. I’ll be checking out book 3 eventually.

I”m currently reading:

Outlander: So far I’ve heard that the 2nd book is better. Well, sometimes that’s what happens in a huge book series lol. But Diana Gabaldon is an extremely talented writer. Beautiful prose so far.


Also, the Wedding Dress: A romantic book about a mystical wedding dress that fits everyone who tries it on perfectly without any alterations. It’s interesting so far. It’s supposed to be a historical fic book (one of those novels where the story jumps from present to past and back again.) I just started, so I’m still formulating my opinions. I love Rachael Hauck’s previous books though.

Still reading Kara Isaac’s Can’t help Falling. Finally, it’s starting to pick up. This one started out much slower than her debut. I am enjoying the story and  the characters. It’s not as funny (yet). Still waiting 🙂

What do I plan to read next:

I have a huge stack of books (figuratively speaking) in my kindle, and on my google play account. Really, nothing is grabbing my attention at the moment. I might pick up the next book in the Song of Suspense Series An Aria for Nick by Hallee Bridgeman. But I’m still trying to decide.

Oh, Keely Keith Brooks asked me to read an ARC of her new book coming out. So, most likely, I’ll start on that one 🙂

What are you reading? Share in the comments below! Share your WWW post if you have one!






10 Comments on “WWW Wednesday: February Wrap Up

  1. Glad that you’re enjoying Outlander. I’ll be interested to hear what you think when you’re done, because I’m one of those who believe the second was much better 😉
    Happy Reading! <3

    1. lol yes well I think a lot of book series that are huge have really slow beginnings. Wheel of Time was like that. Took me forever to read the first one. I think I stopped at book 4 but my husband says that 5 and 6 were his favorites so we’ll see, I have so many other things i’m reading

    1. Looks like you found the correct post anyhow, good! lol I felt so dumb I was going to bed that night like ” wait, I think I sent the wrong link out to people” The Wedding dress is good, its sad in the beginning, I’m hoping it lightens up a bit, but I’m enjoying it.

  2. I’ve not read Outlander but I’ve heard great things about it. I think it’s one that would be on my verrrry long TBR for a while before I considered it! Glad you are enjoying it though 🙂

    1. My TBR list is huge as well. Outlander book 1 happened to be super cheap so I purchased it along with several others that I have been wanting to read. The future books in the series are more expensive of course. They always are lol unfortunately.

  3. (MADE IT! 😀 )
    I don’t usually like people on covers, but Can’t Help Falling has a really lovely cover <3 None of these are my usual genre, so they are all new to me! I'll make a note now and will look them up later 🙂

    Happy reading!

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