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WIPpet Wednesday – May 11

If you’re unfamiliar with WIPpet Wednesday, it’s a great weekly meme hosted by Emily Witt where authors can share excerpts from Works in Progress. I have greatly enjoyed reading others’ WIPs and getting to know other authors’ stories.

Today, I have a section from my 2nd Manuscript.

Math: 5/11 = 11 sentences. There’s actually one extra one necessary to complete the scene.

I’m ready when you guys are.       

            She stopped amid the flow of students and sank down onto the edge of the brick-laid fountain. Water gurgling behind her, she breathed in deep as she reread what she’d sent, realizing this was a huge leap of faith. Chris would be furious when he discovered her disappearance. What if he finds out where I am? Though she shivered from the thought, she knew he had no idea where Joel and Lacey lived. She would be safe, at least for a time.

Did he hit you again?

She typed back that he hadn’t, and left it at that. She met Lacey in her class and they exchanged silent glances with one another, but neither said anything as they sat down next to each other and turned their attention toward the front of the room.

During a lull in the lecture, Serena pulled out her phone and sent another text.

We’d have to do it before the weekend, during the day, while he’s working.

             He has this Saturday and Sunday off.

That’s all for now. I promise I’ll visit more of the WIPpeteers’ excerpts this week. I have been trying to do so. Leave me a link to yours if you want and I’ll come check it out!

How are your WIPs going?

8 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday – May 11

  1. I hope she makes it out OK, and that she is safe. Sometimes things escalate the fastest when the abused leaves…

    May Serena’s life eventually mirror her name.

  2. Hi Sara! I’m a bit late for WIP Wednesday, but thought I’d drop you a line. My WIP is going swimmingly. A month ago I was mired in anxiety, since I’d strayed from my outline as things went along. But I pulled myself out of it two weeks ago, and redid my outline. Now I’m getting in my quota every day, and yesterday I wrote the most intense scene of my life!

    You’re excerpt makes curious to read more….

    1. Thanks joe. Friend you should post excerpts! But then again I hate posting excerpts from my first drafts. I am glad that your progress is going better

  3. Sorry for getting around to this so late!
    Another great snippet! I do hope that things get better for Serena. I feel safe believing that they will! The question is how 🙂

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