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WIPpet Wednesday March 9th

Thank you, to those of you who’ve read and enjoyed the excerpts I post. I love the idea of drumming up so much interest, but It’s a bit difficult to find excerpts that won’t end up giving away all of the great parts of the story.

Hmm…what can I do with the number 12?

Here’s 12 sentences for you, with a bit of an emotional cliffhanger thrown in.

Context: This is in Joel’s point of view. Serena begins the conversation here.

“I had fun tonight. I needed tonight. I really needed it.” She glanced away again, clasping her hands together in her lap. Does she want to hold my hand as much as I want to hold hers? “I have to be fair to you. I have to sort out the mess of myself that Chris created.” she explained further.

            Sadness, intertwined with anger, filled his heart at the thought of her holding back because of that degenerate she’d been with for far too long.

            I don’t care how much of a mess you think you are. He wanted so badly to tell her. I just want to get to know you more.

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6 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday March 9th

  1. Aw, I feel for both of them here. Wonder what sort of person Chris is that he made Serena feel like a mess.

    1. Yes! It’s hard to bounce back sometimes from toxic relationships. Some bounce back faster others not so much. I think she falls in the middle. Being around good influences helps

  2. Joel is very appealing for his passionate caring for Serena. I like that he respects her boundaries. A paragraph break when Joel is thinking about Serena in that first para would still be helpful.That last para is a real reader hook!

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