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WIPpet Wednesday – March 30

If you’re unfamiliar with WIPpet Wednesday, it’s a great weekly meme hosted by Emily Witt where authors can share excerpts from Works in Progress. I have greatly enjoyed reading others’ WIPs and getting to know other authors’ stories.

Today, I have a section from my 2nd Manuscript. If you’d like to keep up with my excerpts, you’re welcome to click on the new WIPPET WEDNESDAY tab on top.

3/30 = 30 + 3 x 2 = 66 words

Context: This is from Joel’s point of view. He’s doing a little…contemplating…while Lacey and Serena are in the next room over.

The last time I heard her laugh was at the Halloween party. His smile faded. He hated thinking about that stupid party; it brought his anger from the bottom of his stomach to the top of his throat. He’d spent a week brooding over the whole situation; who knew powerlessness could be so overwhelming. Even now, that feeling of utter helplessness crept up at his heels.

There you have it. How are your WIPs coming along?

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    1. Nice. I almost spelled it like that, too. Not sure why I chose the other way but ‘shrugs’. Do people call you ‘rina’ at all? That’s an occasional nickname of my character.

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