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WIPpet Wednesday – March 2nd

If you’re unfamiliar with WIPpet Wednesday, it’s a great weekly meme hosted by Emily Witt where authors can share excerpts from Works in Progress. I have greatly enjoyed reading others’ WIPs and getting to know other authors’ stories.

Today, I have a section from my 2nd MS, rather far into the book actually, past the halfway mark. Why?? because that’s what I’m currently editing. Ugh, I’m definitely not even halfway done though. I’d call it more rewriting half my book than editing.

Math: 3/2 : 3 + 2 = 5

Context: No context for you. “sticks out tongue” Mm….okay maybe just the bit that he’s on the phone. That might help.

“Hi, Joel,”

His steps halted in the middle of the wide, cemented sidewalk; streams of church regulars and guests hurried past, moving around him, as he stood stiff as a cardboard cutout.

“What do you want,” He bit the words out. How did his father find his number? Mom. He scowled at the thought.

His father cleared his throat. “We need to talk.” He paused, hesitating. Joel’s automatic rely of “No,” was on the tip of his tongue. That same whispery, nudging voice spoke to the deepest part of his heart, amid the noise of children and teenagers running about, the buzz of conversation surrounding him on all sides.        

            Hear him out.


There you have it. How are your WIPs coming along? Any editing/writing book recommendations?

I picked up Rock your Revision. Great, straightforward book, except that it’s making me tear my MS to pieces. I suppose if it helps me put all the pieces back together in a more polished, readable manner, then it’ll be worth it, right? right?? 



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  1. Oh, edits are SO HARD. I can relate to “rewriting half the book.” It’s rare that I don’t have to completely rework something.

    Love the snippet. I wonder why Joel and his father had a falling out. (Maybe you’ve said in previous WIPpets, but I’ve been absent for 6 weeks or so.)

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the compliments!! I have mentioned it in the past but to be fair, I have not kept my scenes in order. I’m going to make that a goal this weekend – put a series of WIP scenes in order to pull from so I’m not bouncing all over the place lol. Joel’s parents were divorced about 10 years back (from the beginning of the book series). Rewriting progress has been pretty good as of today. I don’t have to rewrite as much as I thought I did. Still, at least 1/4 of it will be rewritten. 🙂

  2. I really want to know why he wouldn’t want to talk to his dad in the first place. Definitely got my attention. Great, tense snippet.

    1. Good questions! I might have hinted at the tension, but it might have been a long time ago, I might have to check back in the excerpts I’ve published. There is definitely a reason 🙂

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