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WIPpet Wednesday Jan 27

Is it seriously the end of January (almost)?

Is my daughter actually 6 months?

Am I seriously done with my first MS?

Am I actually 30 now??

I should stop now. I’m freaking myself out.

Here’s my excerpt today for you. From my 2nd MS. Today is Jan 27th so I have 27 paragraphs I mean, sentences I mean, words for you. Actually, I have 27 x 3. So 81 words. This gives you a tiny glimpse of the tension in the scene.

Context: Joel, Lacey, Jessica, and her boyfriend are at a work-related Halloween house party. Some other (stupid) co-worker is dancing with Jessica. Joel is watching them from a distance.

As he danced, smiling a goofy college-boy, I’m-so-lucky grin, Joel folded his arms over his chest, surprised to find jealousy pinging in the pit of his stomach—but he knew better than to dance with her, or even talk to her for that matter.

As if on cue—he spotted Chris out of the corner of his eye—his hulking figure would be hard to miss with a classic bright green Joker-style wig and a purple suit to boot.

Stupid kid.

Thanks to A Keyboard and an Open Mind for hosting WIPet Wednesdays. It’s a great way for bloggers to connect and share work with each other 🙂 If you want to join in, feel free to post your link here.

Quick shout out favor to my WIPpet group! (or anyone else really).

I need to change Jessica’s name 🙁 Sad day. But the 2nd MS has THREE people whose names start with J. I am unfortunately choosing Jessica’s to change. I would really appreciate any suggestions. I know many have suggested picking a name that has meaning. SO I would be looking for something that means “overcomer” perhaps.

Character Description: Jessica is 5’11, slim athletic build, with tan skin and light brown hair and light brown eyes. She’s biracial, half African American and half white. 

Thank you friends! Until next week 🙂


12 Comments on “WIPpet Wednesday Jan 27

  1. So many amazing accomplishments 🙂 I love the excerpt too! Such great descriptions.
    I’ll give a thought about the name and get back to you on it 🙂

  2. I didn’t find “overcomer,” but Zafirah means “triumphant, successful.” Abrielle and Gabrielle both mean “God is my strength” and Tillie means “battle strength.” babynames.com is what I usually use.

    Also, hahaha! Joker costume. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the suggestions! I am so happy I found this group so we can all confer together. Plus now we have the facebook group. I will have to thank Emily for that one! Also – about the party. Yes, I think this book is heavy in the beginning with the theme of domestic violence, with an overall theme of overcoming and finding peace. So adding in something like silly super hero costumes seems to lighten the mood a little bit. 🙂

  3. I have never heard of WIPet Wednesday. Interesting concept.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s feature blogger. I was his featured blogger too! Maybe you can check out my site especially if you can use a blogging tip or two. That is what I write about. While you are there, please come to my blog party.
    I brought you the link to my About page, so you can read more about my blog.

    1. Thanks! I do like babynames.com. I also have tried to look up meanings of names. It’s hard to find a replacement for the name that I loved so much and fit so much with who she is…:( Still working on it, narrowing it down a bit.

      1. hahaha Right?? Well, my life is a little crazy/stressful trying to figure out dietary problems with my daughter. And me worrying about being 30 when everyone keeps telling me to stop lol. My aunt gave me a card that says Life Begins at 30. I love my aunt. I’m going to hang it up on the wall so I can see it all the time 🙂

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