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WIPpet Wednesday April 20th

f you’re unfamiliar with WIPpet Wednesday, it’s a great weekly meme hosted by Emily Witt where authors can share excerpts from Works in Progress. I have greatly enjoyed reading others’ WIPs and getting to know other authors’ stories.

Today, I have a section from my 2nd Manuscript. If you’d like to keep up with my excerpts, you’re welcome to click on the new WIPPET WEDNESDAY tab on top.

Math: 4/20 – 4 paragraphs today.

Context: Joel is frustrated that Serena won’t take help when it’s offered to her.

Inside his room, he squeezed a hand over his eyes, surprised to find his hand trembling. With a growl and a shout, he swung his hand and knocked everything off his dresser onto the floor, and then immediately knelt down on his knees, clasping his hands behind his neck.

Flashes of unwanted memories invaded his mind. His father’s short stint in jail for assault; his mother’s tearful confession that he had beat up the abusive ex-boyfriend of the woman he was dating behind her back.

He growled again, gripping his hair. God, I need You. I hate this awful anger that boils inside. Please, help me.

            “Joel,” Lacey’s voice sounded muffled against the closed door. He sat up, searched the cluttered floor for his phone, keys and wallet. Pocketing all three items, he pushed himself up to his feet and opened the door.

That’s it for me.

How is your WIP coming?

If you want to join, check out Emily Witt’s post and link up there. If you have your own WIP excerpt, please share it in the comments and I’ll come visit.



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    1. Thanks Faith! This is kind of the culmination of his anger and sorrow. From here in the story, things improve.(kind of – it’s hard to explain lol)

  1. Wow, this is a really emotionally intense scene, even in such a short snippet. I can understand both Joel’s anger and his wish to be free of it.

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