#WIPjoy week #1 Review

#WIPJoy is here!

I love #WIPjoy SO much. It is part of what made me fall in love and realize the value and the fun of Twitter. Yes, Twitter can be crazy bogged down with ridiculous people tweeting and retweeting constant  garbage and trying to sell you stuff, but then there are wonderful hashtag parties like #WIPjoy where writers gather together to celebrate their works in progress.

I have to tell you, Bethany does these every 2 to 3 months and every single session seems more challenging and fun than the last one. The questions about your WIP dig  deep and make you really think about your characters, your lines, the theme of your WIP. It’s a great way to get to know your own work in progress better!

I’m going to share my most popular posts, and/or the ones I personally like the best. I thought sharing every single post would become tedious.

Here’s a taste of #WIPjoy week 1

Day 2: Where are you at currently in your Work in Progress?

Day 3: 5 verbs that describe your WIP

Day 7: Which 2  characters have the most interesting history?

And lastly, I’ll share with you the photo I posted for Day 8’s prompt:


This month, the hashtag has over 300 participants, which is a huge increase compared to what it had in March. I encourage you, if you’re an author, to come and check it out.



4 Comments on “#WIPjoy week #1 Review

  1. I haven’t tried WIPjoy before, but after reading your post, your enthusiasm has caught me! I may give it a go if I can get my WIP 2 moving more from head to paper. WIP 1 is a devotional; not my customary genre, but something that has been on my heart to write for years! I’m on chapter 12!

    1. Anything that is on your heart should be written down and is usually on your heart for a reason. Good luck with that! I’ve had 2 WIP ideas that definitely fall into the ‘on my heart’ category, though I don’t know what quite to do with them lol

  2. I’m so glad that you’re doing #WIPjoy this month Sara! I love finding out more about your third book! It makes me excited for the next two installments 🙂
    Love your replies above! Can’t wait to see what you share next!

    1. thanks my friend. Yep I love WIPjoy it gives me a chance to really look deeper into the characters and attributes of my stories and I always always always find new and interesting authors and hopefully I can make more friends

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