#WIPjoy update Week #2: Protagonist Takeover


#WIPjoy has grown exponentially. We have over 300 writers participating, all sharing pieces of their works in progress in order to answer questions. This week was fun because all of our answers had to be written as if our characters were speaking, and we had a chance to introduce our characters.

Pst- here’s a secret:

Writers love to introduce their characters to other people!

If you’re not a writer, you most likely won’t understand. That’s okay, I can revel in the awesomeness of speaking in the POV of my characters by myself.

I’m fine, really. “sniff’

ANYway, on to the most fun/popular #WIPjoy posts of the week.

Day 11: Share a deep regret

Probably I should introduce you to Matt and Jenna so you know who they are.

Psst – he’s my favorite. Some of you might know why. Maybe. If any of my real life friends are reading, they might be able to guess…

Moving on:

Day 12: how do you feel about a character close to you?

What did he used to be like? Why has he changed?

I have been extremely busy this week with soo much family things going on, and alumni stuff going on with my high school I haven’t been able to read and keep up as much with #WIPjoy. Hopefully I will have more of an opportunity to keep up.

Until next week!