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WIPet Wednesday

Today’s excerpt comes from my first work in progress, which I am extremely excited about.

I found out that the family who runs the small publishing company I am intending to send this baby to, are moving across the state they live in. Ah, fun….more waiting for me.

All this waiting is getting on my nerves. It’s okay, I know I’m not alone.

Sarah Sundin, a recent author I have discovered, wrote her first manuscript in 2000 and didn’t get a book contract until 2008. Many other authors have similar stories. What does that mean for me? Be patient. Keep writing. I’m not alone. 

Onto the excerpt: This is from Chapter 1 of Second Chances. You can check out my story synopsis in Upcoming Releases.

“What was that all about earlier?”

“What was what about?” Lacey Bennett glanced up.

When Jessica stared back at her with an intense, gossip-seeking gaze, Lacey hid her face in the open refrigerator, rummaging for the salad she’d bought herself earlier. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,”

Jessica smirked.

“Who was the guy Jenna was with? And why was he all tongue-tied like some twelve-year-old when he tried to talk to you?”

Lacey laughed, trying not to blush. She hadn’t been able to get him out of her head since she’d laid eyes on him. “I have no idea,” she lied.

“He’s totally into you.”

“Well, I’m not into him.” She shut the refrigerator and strode past the table in the center of the small room, to the lockers that lined the wall, with salad in hand.

“Why not?” Jessica untied her smock and hung it inside one of the lockers. “He is hot. If you’re not into him, I certainly am—and so is Jenna.”

Is it so obvious to everyone else?

She saw it too—the way Jenna smiled and talked with him so effortlessly, the way she leaned in during their conversation, the way she twirled her hair. She could see why, too. He was tall and muscular, with a handsome face framed by brown springy curls, and smiled warmly when he spoke. Ooh, Jenna, you’ve got some explaining to do.

Lacey let out an exaggerated breath. “Who cares, anyway? He goes to her church college group. That answers the question of how they know each other.” She stuffed the plastic-boxed salad into her oversized purse. Then, she pulled on a heavy coat over her thick, navy blue sweater and shouldered her backpack before picking up her purse.

“Oh, really?” Jessica slipped her arms into a purple jacket.

“So you’re not into religious types?”

“No way.”

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  1. Talk about your love shapes. This is like… a pentagon! 2 girls definitely after the one guy and the guy after the one girl who’s not after him? Wowza! At least Jessica is frank enough to say it out loud and be congenial with her apparent competition.

    1. LOL I never thought about it that way. Interesting perspective. This showcases their character types. Lacey shies away from religious types. Jessica admires the physique in a guy regardless of where he comes from. Jessica is that kind of person who thinks out loud haha. And as you’ll figure out, they’re good friends and have worked together for a couple of years

  2. Ah… waiting. Yep. I’m in a holding pattern with one of my ms at the moment and it’s driving me crazy. I am not the most patient. Even when the message indicator on my phone isn’t lit, I still flick it on ten times an hour just to check if I maybe have mail and it’s just not telling me. 😉

    Quite the entangled relationship going on her. Interested in seeing how it plays out.

  3. Ha! I love their interaction here. Why do I sense the “not into religious guys” might come into play later? LOL!

    I also like the name Lacey. I don’t think I’ve read too many stories with a Lacey in them.

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