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Weirdest thing you’ve ever researched

Today is Insecure Writers Support Group Day ( You can find out more here) Welcome to the club. Even if you’re only reading this for the first time. If you’re a writer, you know how it feels to have insecurities sneak up on you. If you’re anyone at all, I’m sure you’ve felt insecurities about your career, family, education, or life in general.

What I’m insecure about most recently:

I’m starting to lose motivation to blog because I feel like no one cares. Most of my real life friends don’t seem to be interested. I put a call out for Beta readers on my blog 1 month ago, and while I had one dear friend who always reads my blog, send me a message about it, no one else replied. Not on Facebook, on Twitter, or via WordPress.

It’s hard to gauge how many people actually read my blog in the first place because a lot of people might read but aren’t part of WordPress….they might just peruse, but not react. Many, many readers of internet material do this, I’m guilty of it. But all the same, it’s little comfort. I’ve been blogging almost a year and a half and I thought I would have more interacting followers by now. Sooo, yeah.

While blogging is kind of like writing journal entries, there’s also the goal of attaining interested followers, of people who share your interests, and people who might possibly read your writing – but there’s also the goal of remaining authentic and so I am finding it hard to balance out the two. Well, I don’t think I’m failing in the authenticity part, it’s been hard to gain followers who interact and it’s been hard to find a flow, a niche of what kind of posts people are interested in reading.

Any advice on this would be welcome.

Ok – pity party done. Now it’s time for something more fun.

What’s the weirdest thing I’ve researched. 

I am working on a YA action adventure novel and while writing that, I’ve researched plenty on how to survive in the jungle or forest. There’s a difference of course. I was researching to see if it was at all feasible that my characters didn’t die while trying to survive on an uncharted island. Fascinating research really. I also used to watch a ton of I shouldn’t be Alive, that show from Animal Planet. But then my overactive imagination started going a little crazy and I bad a bit of anxiety every time I watched an episode about skiers or snow hikers almost dying. That show is intense.

Until next month, keep your head up and keep writing 🙂

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  1. It is like shouting into a void and waiting for the echo. I average maybe 5 views a day on my blog, so you’re not alone! I’m not sure if it will help, but I like to read Darren Rowel’s site Problogger.com. He has a lot of good tips on how to focus your posts and get traffic. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten from his site is to have something useful for readers in every post. They’re not reading because they actually care about you, they’re reading to get something, even if it’s something as intangible as an idea. Check him out at https://problogger.com/blog/, and good luck!

  2. I’m not sure how long you’ve been blogging, but it usually does take awhile to build a following. Taking part in IWSG is a great way to find awesome people, as well as visiting other blogs and commenting on them. Sort of like having a conversation. 🙂 Hang in there!

  3. I’ve personally found the only way to get blog readers is to read other people’s and comment. Which is a lot of work, admittedly…and it does make you wonder what’s the point! But I wouldn’t trade the friendships I’ve made through blogging for anything!

    1. Thank you!I’ve also made some friends that are awesome, but some people are better at commenting and posting and reading than others, while others read but never say anything until months later LOL so it’s hard to gauge who’s really reading sometimes

  4. I have noticed that blogging isn’t as popular as it once was – both writing and reading blogs. There are so many other places out there now for writers to publish their work for free. I personally have had a big downturn in my post reaches, but I also put that off to I’m just not writing as much anymore. But when I first started I was writing for me only not others. I need to get back to that again.

  5. You sound like where I was after my first four months of blogging. Then I realized I have to compel readers to come to me by going to them first. It worked getting me the followers and readers, but it took a lot of work. I had to visit other blogs a lot and leave decent comments in the way of introducing myself to others and establishing relationships. It’s time, effort, work and it’s consistent blogging. Get a base of readers who want to keep coming back and keep making rounds to make your name visible. I also think it’s helpful to leave a signature link. I’ve been blogging 8 years and still get a nice number of views and comments.

    Oh and use your imagination to come up with ideas. Be willing to experiment to see what works well. And engage your readers in order to make friends.

    Good luck with your blogging.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Thank you!! how do you leave a Signature link? that’s cool 🙂 I always wondered how to leave links in comments in the first place without the website showing, if that makes sense

  6. Personally, the weirdest thing I’ve ever researched is a toss up between roman era abortificant plants, and electro shock therapy.

  7. If you want interaction, keep joining blog hops. That’s about all I do these days. Then each of your posts comes with a built-in audience and a list of blogs for you to visit as well. It’s important to remember blogging is not posting. It’s mostly about going out and commenting on other’s posts.

    1. That is exactly what I did the first year I blogged, then I dropped out of a couple because 1 was basically dying a slow death anyway and losing interaction fast, and the other one is more bookish and hard for me to keep up with but I try. I havent found any good blog hops that are related to writing. It’s all book ish stuff. I’d love to find more blog hops that have to do with writing. I tried to start my own a few times but it never picked up 🙁

  8. My drive to blog has been dwindling slowly over the last six months. And I used to blog alot, and have lots of interaction. But now that I don’t regularly interact w/the blogging community, my traffic is down. And that’s okay, things ebb and flow, I suppose. But I hope it picks up for you, that can be frustrating to try and do something right, and not see the results.

    1. Thanks. Yeah I’ve had a lot of family issues going in the last 9 months which has been really killing my drive to write and blog. I’m also waiting on a publishing house editor who is looking at my first MS and so kind of waiting around is not helping either. I’d rather be doing something. I have plenty of EDITING to do but that’s bogging me down! ah well, I think that’s true, ebb and flow is a good way to describe it.

  9. Hosting a blog can be a difficult thing. There are so many factors that affect how people interact with others’ blog posts. I’ve learned not to have high expectations. I’m fortunate to have quite a few followers who comment consistently. But my own life has been hectic and I haven’t been commenting as much as I used to so I understand why there are times when I have less viewers or comments. And that’s fine. Everyone has a life to live and I think that as long as you still enjoy blogging and want to share your progress with others, you should and not worry too much about how much others are commenting. That’s the way I approach it anyway 🙂
    On another note, I always enjoy reading what you write!
    Stay well, friend <3

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