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5 positive happenings: Week 1

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I have to admit. I can be…am….sometimes…a negative person. Blogging has actually helped me tremendously to practice more positive behavior. Transferring my positivity (look, I made up a word!) to real life, every day routines isn’t always easy, but I’m working on that.

So, I’m going to begin weekly wrap-ups, where I talk about positive things that happen during the week.

Here are 5 positive things that happened over the week

  • We had our first family trip to the pool this season. I bought my 2 girls THE MOST ADORABLE swimsuits EVER. My 10 m old has a suit that has a watermelon pattern to it. My 4 yr old now has a FROZEN tutu swimsuit. Simply, amazingly, adorable!
  •  I apparently won another book from a blogger giveaway. HOORAY! This never happens to me, people. That’s the 2nd one within 30 days. I don’t ever have this much luck. Now…if I could just transfer that luck over the some of these local radio contests and get some concert tickets…or even better. Disneyland tickets!!!
  •  A writer friend, who is not a Christian, stated that believes in my writing and that it has value. I was rather floored to say the least. THANK YOU. I am so glad we’re friends!
  • My 10 month old daughter is walking!!
  • I finally found a writing critique group for Christian writers and a critique partner as well. This is really the first time I’ve had another writer as a critique partner, so YEY!

What positive things have happened to you in the last week? Let me know!


One comment on “5 positive happenings: Week 1

  1. So many good things! How wonderful 😀
    Congrats on winning those giveaways! It has to happen to someone right. Why not you?
    And what great news about a critique partner!
    Your writing does have value! Never doubt that my dear!
    Keep staying positive! Keep believing in your words <3

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