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Wednesday double header

It’s time for WWW Wednesday and WIPpet Wednesday.

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Taking on a world of Words

All you have to do is answer three questions.

What am I currently reading: The Restorer: Sword of Lyric Book 1: by Sharon Hinck. So far, I love it. The quality of writing is excellent and I can immediately identify with the main character, who is kind of going through this self-crisis. She’s quite exhausted with everyday life and looking for a way to revive herself. 

What have you recently finished reading:  I just finished First of her kind by K.L SchwengelAmazing.. I loved it, so much. I devoured it. It was fast-paced, the characters were very intriguing, and full of flaws and full of potential, and full of stupid decisions that made me like want to hit them on the head. They were also full of amazing magical powers:

What do you plan to read next: I am still itching to read The Choice by Amanda Tru. And now, definitely Emergence (First of her kind #2) is on the top of my TBR list.

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by A Keyboard and an open mind. I’ve greatly enjoyed sharing excerpts with everyone. If you know me at all in real life, you’d know that I love being social and building community with people. So what better way to do it than joining WIPpet Wednesdays 🙂

So, I actually had time to rewrite things last weekend. For about 5 weeks I’ve been doing minor editing and leaving myself comments on how to fix up specific scenes in my MS. I’ve pretty covered the entire MS, now I have to go back and tackle some of those bigger problems. I have to be alone though, because it takes concentration to rewrite. I could never do it with kids and husband hovering.

I know it’s supposed to relate to the date…but I wanted to post the rewritten scene from last week.  I cant believe it, but it’s 6 paragraphs. (tada!)  You can read the previous one here. I utilized some of your suggestions. Thank you so much for your suggestions, and also, I used some of the suggestions in other future scenes as well.


Decorating brought back cheerful memories from her childhood—to a time before her family fell to pieces. It wasn’t often she reminisced on the good times she’d had with her family.

As she and Jay set out candles, and worked together to tape tinsel to the mantle, memories crowded together, like a movie reel, competing for her attention; until a classic Christmas song she’d heard a hundred times over the years transported her into a different living room, one where a fire blazed in the hearth nearby. An image of Amy stood in front of her, hanging her stocking from the hooks dad had hammered into the brick mantle; its characteristic, silver cursive A stood out against the red fabric. Amy turned and smiled, wavy hair falling to her shoulders, several shades redder than her normal auburn hue. She’d been so excited to dye her hair for the first time that year. In the background, colorful lights twinkled, entwined around the six foot Douglas fir, placed in the corner.

“Are you okay?” Jay held a hand on her shoulder. She blinked and the image of the Christmas tree in her childhood home faded from memory, along with her sister’s smiling face.

She sucked in a deep breath and smiled broadly, squashing the memory as far down as she could.

“I’m fine,” He stared into her eyes, concern shining in his own, as if testing her words. “Really,” she insisted.

“Okay,” He turned away and finished lighting one of the candles on the coffee table.

Happy reading 🙂


12 Comments on “Wednesday double header

  1. I hope the second First of Her Kind book is what you are hoping it will be. I always get nervous when it comes to sequels. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

  2. Oh, wow. That really took me into the scene and into her memory. What a terrific snippet. Certainly has me wondering what happened to her family.

  3. Glad your enjoying the First of her Kind books! I really did, too. And not too long now until the third one is out! 😀

    I really like this new version of the scene – the flashback works really well with the specific descriptions of the sister.

  4. I love Kathi’s writing. Haven’t read FOHK yet, but it’s on my very long TBR list. I’m guessing you’re not going to be disappointed.

    I think you’ve worked magic with your rewrite. Very evocative.

    Because we homeschool, I’ve had to learn to do my writing according to what’s going on around me. I like to save drafting and heavy-lifting revisions for when people kind of forget I’m here.

    My 14 year old just brought me a waffle and said, “Feed you writer, and back away.” I guess I looked more intent than I really was, reading blogs. But I like that he calls me ‘his writer.’ =)

    1. LOL you crack me up. I know I have to write with lots of activity going on around me. Which is fine with minor editing but I need at least an hour or 2 hours to myself to concenrate on revising like whole chapters and whatnot. I have 2 entire chapters to revise, and some other small revisions that are proving more difficult, before this MS is finally done.

      1. I can do so much more than I could a couple of years ago. In a couple more…maybe i won’t have such a need to plan those more labor intensive project for when people are busy.

        I started a major revision on a 100K fantasy novel – basically, a complete rewrite of a completely pantsed novel – two years ago, almost. I’ve made progress on about 9 out of 60 chapters – but I realized that need to set it aside for a few months, maybe all year. I don’t really know as much as I feel I need to about the revision process, so now I’m working on revising short stories, and building up to my shorter, plotted 60-70K novels.

        After all that, I can get back to the longer, messier project…and, all the time, I’ll be learning, and my kids will be getting older.

        May we both find the time, energy, and focus to keep moving forward!

        1. I am considering taking on editing projects to build up a resume and eventually try to freelance edit. Thought i would throw it out there. Fantasy is harder because of the world building. At least IMO. I wish you luck with it!

          1. I’ve joined a small crit group formed within my writing group; critiquing three other works each week is bound to mean I’m going to learn a lot along the way. This is my year to get a handle on that. The last year or two were about learning to plot, and before that was learning to draft quickly and actually finish…and next year, I think, will be about publishing and marketing…

            I’m a huge believer in baby stepping my way to acquiring new skills. =)

            As for the fantasy, this one’s set in Shakespearean London and its surroundings. There are some tweaks for my time-traveling character, but, for the most part, the world already exists (and her worlds I’ve played in since I was a kid).

            Thanks for the luck. I’ll save it until I get back to it. =)

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