Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits: So you want to become a writer

Sometimes when you write, you find the process smooth, like a river, like melted honey, a fluid process where your words pour from you with complete ease. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, when the fluidity stops. What do you do then?

You work. You fight for every word. You research, you thumb through your writing resource books and blogs and websites.

People say “Don’t force writing, it will come to you,”

I say, what a bunch of hoo haa blah that is. If you want to succeed as a writer, you will make the writing come to you.

I have an author friend who, about a year ago, had just moved with her family to another state, and was also working on 2 books. She released a novella that went with a set, and then later in 2016 released her 4th in a series multiple months later than planned. Later on her blog, she explained that she had significant struggles with both books. (partly because she was moving but still) The first because it was based on a formula. Part of a set. Not something she was used to. The 2nd because the content itself was challenging for her.

I read On the Ropes when it released and it was one of THE best books she’s written. (I have read uh, 10 or 11 of her books?) And that new release that was months late? It also has rave reviews, people say it’s one of her best.

Because she worked for every word. She fought and pushed and forced and pushed some more. Because writing takes grit and determination.

So do not fret if you are at a blockade (Uh, like I am right now lol) Don’t despair. Work for it. It may or may not come, it may or may not work out, but that’s not because you didn’t try your absolute best. But you’ll hit nothing if you aim for nothing. 🙂