Tuesday Tidbits

Tuesday Tidbits #3: Keeping Pace


Do you have a friend who walks faster than you? Or much slower than you? What do you have to do to keep pace with them?

You deliberately have to stretch your legs to catch up and keep up. (I should know, my best friend is 6’2. I’m 5’0 5’1) OR you deliberately have to slow down your own pace to wait for the other person, perhaps because you’re impatient trying to be more respectful of the other person.

When you care about someone, (your kids, your parents, friends or significant other), then you make deliberate choices for those people. You wait outside the front door for them before you rush off to the car. You wait for everyone to get out of the car before rushing into the store. Or, you stretch your legs to catch up while on a walk or a run or whatever you might be doing together.

That’s how our walk with God should be.

If we want to keep pace with God, then we need to make deliberate choices to walk with Him. That could be praying more, finding quiet time to spend with God so you can listen, reading the bible more. Sometimes keeping pace with God means stretching our legs faith, or slowing down our pace to wait on His timing.