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Tuesday Tidbits #1 Time travel


I thought it would be fun to share quick, thought-provoking tidbits from my heart every week. Sometimes I find myself with these short, not-quite-long-enough-t0-make-a-blog-post thoughts that pop up every so often, and then Lightbulb! Why can’t they be a blog post? They might be thoughts on writing, reading, editing, spiritual life, or life in general. They might be serious, humorous, or just plain crazy.

Here’s today’s tidbit.

Have you ever considered that editing your manuscripts is akin to time traveling? Each time you go back to revisit your draft, your knowledge, your writing style, your expertise has hopefully, probably matured while you’ve been learning your craft. Therefore, your writing voice could be different. Because of your growing – let’s call it, writer maturity level – with every edit you make, you change the entire course of the rest of your written manuscript. (Albeit it requires that you physically make those very necessary changes… versus physical time travel where all the changes to the timeline would just poof! naturally appear.) Still…

Can you tell I’ve been reading a lot of time travel novels? Also, several more are on my TBR list 🙂

Your turn: What do you think??


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