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The Plot Thickens: Essential books for writing

Most authors I know have an entire shelf dedicated to books on the craft of writing. There are plenty to choose from, and many with great reviews that I will hopefully own one day.

The following books in this series of essential books for writing/editing, I have used personally and I promise you, you will never regret purchasing them. They are an invaluable investment. You will flip through these again and again

#1 The Plot Thickens: 8 ways to bring fiction to life: by Noah Lukeman

This book is incredible. The material within is extensive, and trust me, you will end up going back through this book multiple times. At the point in time while I read this book through the first time, I was having a difficult time with character development. That has always been my weakness in terms of writing. I have (if I do say so myself) a great handle on the craft of writing in terms of grammar, syntax, etc, and I’ve plenty of plot ideas to fill a few notebooks, but character development was something I struggled with. (and dialogue. More on that later) What I love about Lukeman’s approach is that he gives you the tools to build your character, first helping you to describe in intense detail their OUTER LIFE and then their INNER life. These 2 sections helped me immensely. He also helps you connect your character building to plot building. There are several other useful sections, but these first two stood out to me personally.

Also, after each section (there are 8, as the title indicates) there are very useful exercises. As I said, this is a very detailed book, one that you’ll reference over and over again. that said, it’s not overwhelming in it’s length as some others I’ve seen.

What is your favorite writer’s resource book?

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