New Year Resolutions

The last Decade: Then and now

My life has completely and utterly changed throughout the last decade. Some things for the better. Some things not so much.

What happened from 2010 to now

Well… I graduated college in December 2009. That counts right? lol

Jason and I were newly married and when the economy tanked, he couldn’t get into the state university near us for graduate school, so we decided to move three hours south, to attend the same private university I graduated from since they were accepting new students.

I obtained my first full time job (40 hours a week) I was so young!

We bought our first car together. And a few more cars since that one.

This is the decade where I discovered Christian fiction, and began to seriously consider writing toward the goal of publication. I’ll never forget the year.

And while I researched this goal, I began blogging.

This is also the year I began my own business as a Balloon Twister (yes you read that correctly!) I unfortunately do not have the space nor the time, to continue, but I will always love the art of balloon twisting!

I gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters!

Three family members passed away. Very challenging.

I published TWO books with Anaiah Press.

My brother moved out of state.

Oh and I can finally call myself an AUNTIE! Even if they are far away 🙁

My husband and I faced our own health challenges, which led to

Me losing 20 lb in the last few months (and him losing 30!) – which is really an accomplishment because I’ve gone up and down for the last decade but this weight seems to be actually STAYING off. Which is nice!

My dad endured multiple life-threatening emergencies throughout the last ten years. I think he’s secretly a cat in human form. The man is a champ. It’s both challenged and strengthened his faith and I think through all the ridiculous struggle, that’s what I admire about him.

I said I’d never join Twitter, or Instagram… yet I’m totally rocking both!

What Do I want to accomplish in the next decade

I’d absolutely love to obtain a literary agent. Fingers crossed!

Of course I’d love to publish more books!

I’d love to go to a few writer conferences.

We really want to own our own house, and I want my own car!

We would love to obtain some full time stable employment that will help us obtain said goals above.

I’d love love love to do freelance editing or work in marketing

Ideally, I’d love to lose and keep off another 20 pounds.

So much happened in the last ten years, it’s almost incomprehensible that we’re literally entering the year 2020. It feels like science fiction, like a dream. I’m excited for the next ten years, hoping that they’re certainly better than the last three years at least.

What’s one goal you have for the next year? Next 10 years?

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