Tuesday Tidbits

The freedom of writing


I love how writing evolves as you write.

Like a long, winding road  you’ve heard of, but never driven before. The farther you drive, the more you wind, the freer you become.

Like a mountain or lake you’ve never been to but plan to visit; you have a vague idea of what’s in the area, and even a plan and an itinerary. But when you arrive, the more you hike, the more trails you wind through, the more of the landscape you take in, the more you’re immersed in the beauty and the tranquility that can only be experienced by doing. By going.

Like a new country you’ve never visited; you’re so full of anticipations and assumptions before you visit, yet when you arrive and the more you explore, the more you discover new  cultural ideas, new foods, new people, new cities; the more presumptions are broken and new ideas and onions formed.