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The end of a series (a book review in disguise)

How many times has the end of a series disappointed you? Maybe a little, or maybe “throw your book at the wall” disappointed?


Merlin (COME ON!)

The Hunger games. (I personally found the first two wonderful…the third wasn’t nearly so IMO, though I don’t think others share that opinion :))

JAG. (most of you probably don’t know I am a HUGE JAG fan….and they should have stopped at season 9. Season 10 was awful. Same thing with Scrubs: Because they should’ve just stopped at season 8!!

If you don’t know the endings and care to find out, google the shows I mentioned. You can find endless lists everywhere of this unfortunate phenomenon of disappointing series endings. I visited a few and had a great many laughs!

Which do you hear talk more of? A series that ends terribly? Or a series with an amazing finales?

I appreciate a series with a great ending. I mean, after investing so much time and money into a series, it’s only fair, right? To expect a great ending. Not necessarily a happy ending, but one that answers questions, and rights wrongs and leaves you with a sense of completion. The book series Matched had a good ending. Sisterhood of the traveling pants had a great ending (though I have not read book 5 but IMO book 4 for was a fantastic ending to their childhood).

I don’t appreciate reading/watching the end of a series and wanting to throw something or break something or scream!

This is where my ‘book review in disguise” comes in.


The Promise by Amanda Tru

A great ending to an awesome series. (I’m crossing my fingers and hoping A Time to Rise matches this awesomeness.)

I compare it to the TV series 24. Please tell me someone has seen this series! The first season was amazing the first time you watch it – then, every subsequent season was more insane, crazy, edge-of-your-seat awesome than the previous one, until you’re pulling your hair out it’s so crazy the stuff they come up with.

That’s how I felt about the Yesterday series. Every book was better than the previous one. I never doubted that Book 6 would not be a great ending. Even the synopsis for book 6 left me on the edge of my seat. 

The only thing I might have enjoyed more was if Tomorrow (book 5) and The Promise (Book 6) had been combined into one. Tomorrow was quite short, but full of a lot more action than The Promise. The way The Promise wrapped things up was important overall,  

If you’re into sci fi/time travel, romance suspense…You. Must. Read. It.     

Thus ends my analytical rant on TV / movie / book series, with a book review in disguise.

What other book/movie/TV series finales left you upset? Which ones have left you in awe of their awesomness? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook. I love hearing from you!

8 Comments on “The end of a series (a book review in disguise)

  1. Ah what an amazing way to disguise your review!! I hate it when a series ends badly (I’m thinking especially of Merlin- how could they leave it like that?- and HIMYM- are you freaking kidding me???) But it’s cool that the Yesterday series ended well!!! 😀

    1. It did end well. I haven’t really read an awful book series ending. Most of the series endings I’ve finished were only mildly disappointing. Merlin was AWFUL. My hub and I were both pretty mad!! I have heard all about the ending to HIMYM. I didn’ really watch the show but I definitely heard about it. Terrible!

      1. That’s fair- I can think of a couple where I wasn’t crazy about the epilogue, but I didn’t hate the ending completely. Yes it was- me and my sister were watching it together and we both just shrieked: “THAT’S IT?!?” You made a good decision- in my opinion it stopped being funny after season 4, and as I, and many other people have said, the ending was the worst :/

        1. TV shows are tricky it’s like they write them on the fly? At least that was the sense I got watching LOST behind the scenes. I don’t know lol. But many shows like end a great story then they try to revitalize it with another season with new characters and it ends up bleh. JAG, Scrubs, saved by the Bell. I can also think of a few book series that try to do the same thing. I’ve only read one good young adult book series that successfully transitioned into a new sub series with a mixture of old and new characters.

          1. Yeah that is true, but I felt like Merlin’s ending just wasn’t anywhere close to what I wanted :/ Ahh I didn’t watch any of those, but I know what you mean- sometimes they tie it up at the end of the series, but keep going for no reason. Yeah I agree with you about book series too

  2. About Merlin: they spent like a whole season or more building up for this massive battle and then that battle ended in 10 seconds it was infuriating!!! I don’t write fantasy but that type of ending definitely makes me want to rewrite the whole ending. Maybe I should try but then I have to watch the show again

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