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Thankfulness, joy, even when you don’t feel it


This year has been a mess of car accidents, family difficulties and so on. I am not naturally a positive person and all this certainly doesn’t help. Though I strive to read the bible, to remember God’s word encourages us to be joyful, to not worry…it’s not easy. If you only knew the ridiculous stuff that has happened this year…

I started blogging with the intention of being a positive voice. Last night I juggled and debated over the concept of if that was a plausible goal, when all I am feeling now is a dull, aching pain.

Blogging, I think, I hope, has helped me, and will continue to help me, to become a more positive person. That’s my goal anyhow. Writing is how I process. It’s how I speak out my mind. It’s my microphone, my shout out to the world. If I write positive things (and read positive things, and listen to positive encouragement) then I am more likely to be positive.

I’m also a firm believer that my faith, my relationship with Jesus, helps me to be at peace in times of insane difficulty.

So  – instead of whining, I choose to be thankful. Because there are so many things to be thankful for!

I’m thankful for: The support of my parents through really difficult times this year. Also, the great support of my in-laws for all of their love and generosity. The birth of a beautiful girl. (#2!) The support of my husband emotionally throughout pregnancy. (and that pregnancy is OVER ah what a relief that is). I am thankful for how hard he works as a teacher (it’s a hard job). I am thankful for my aunt who has been AMAZING this whole year in various ways. I am thankful that my grandparents are still alive, in their 80s. I’m thankful that my parents are both alive.

I am thankful to have so many smart MEN in my life. My husband, who has a quiet kind of intelligence that he doesn’t like to admit to, nor does he ever brag. My brother and cousin who BOTH have Computer Science/Engineering degrees (with a different emphasis each).

Lastly, I am thankful that God is taking care of me, no matter what happens. “Give thanks to the LORD, for HE is good. His love and mercy endure forever!”

This is actually a theme in my first book. God does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. We change, as human beings, but God is everlasting, and so, when we walk through whatever we’re walking through, God will remain the same.

This does not mean that life isn’t hard, or that my stress just disappears. Just as you or someone you know might watch from a distance as a friend or loved one goes through difficult circumstances. But your desire is to be there for them, regardless. That’s God’s desire. If we let him.

So, what are you thankful for?

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