• Excerpts - WIPpet Wednesday

    WIPet Wednesday Feb 17th

    I just rewrote this piece today, from my 2nd book, this morning. Yey! I rewrote it in Joel’s POV because it was previously in Jessica/Serena’s POV. Important info:  I changed Jessica’s name to Serena. YEY. Now I have to come up with a last name that is NOT Williams. Serena and Lacey are best friends. They work and go to school together. Joel and Lacey are brother and sister. Context for this scene. Serena is finally out of her awful relationship. Woohoo!  Math: 2/17 = 17 sentences for you all for today’s date.  The next evening, Joel stood by her door,…

  • Excerpts - WIPpet Wednesday

    WIPet Wednesday

    Today’s excerpt comes from my first work in progress, which I am extremely excited about. I found out that the family who runs the small publishing company I am intending to send this baby to, are moving across the state they live in. Ah, fun….more waiting for me. All this waiting is getting on my nerves. It’s okay, I know I’m not alone. Sarah Sundin, a recent author I have discovered, wrote her first manuscript in 2000 and didn’t get a book contract until 2008. Many other authors have similar stories. What does that mean for me? Be patient. Keep writing.…

  • NaNoWriMo

    #NaNoWriMo 2015: mid-point update

    These cartoons reflect the craziness that is NaNoWriMo. The first cartoon made me laugh out loud, which is why I’m reblogging it here. We’re all crazy in some way or another. As for my mid-point update, I am still at around 28,000 because life keeps getting in the way :/ Pfft Happy NaNoWriMo mid-point