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Stepping into the light: Book Review

Stepping into the light: Within the castle gates #1

By Candee Fick


Sometimes the most heroic live in plain sight.

Tragedy stalks Gunn Castle, most recently when the heir to the Gunn chiefdom died, leaving the land vulnerable to attack. But security has come in the promise of a marriage alliance with the Clan Sinclair, the Gunns’ powerful northern neighbors.

The search is on to gather the eligible maidens…except mysterious accidents befall all who join the laird’s widow at the castle. Meanwhile, messengers have been spotted along the southern border, and Clan Sinclair may be walking into a trap.

With war looming and a madwoman in their midst, the only hope for a peaceful future may lie in the hands of a disfigured Gunn recluse and the overlooked second son of Clan Sinclair.

My thoughts

This book left me wanting more. In a very, very good way.

This is the first historical novel I’ve read by Candee Fick and I am now a fan. So much good in this book. So much beauty, action, romantic tension, adventure. I loved these characters!

One thing I truly enjoyed was the depth of historical context and language used in this novel. Set in the Scottish highlands, she truly allowed that to take over the novel and frequently made use of Scottish lingo. It gave the story depth and personality and a unique voice. It gave the characters authenticity. It brought you deep into the land of Scotland; the forests, the rivers, the castles, the villages. It helped paint a vivid picture of that era. 

I love a good broken character. The scars both physical and internal that these characters carried gave them depth and beauty. I enjoyed watching them grow. This beautiful princess-turned-peasant-in-disguise had been so broken down, yet she still displayed the strength and maturity of a noble woman. It took the maturity and honesty of another clan’s man to show her who she really was.

I also loved that both clans held such a deeply-rooted respect for the faith of God. It played a major role throughout the story in many ways, and I appreciated that. 

This story is full of action, romance, adventure, all with the Scottish Highlands as backdrop. If you enjoy historical romance, you’ll love this novel. It’s a fabulous introduction  to a brand new series. I can’t wait for more. 

I truly enjoy Candee Fick’s riting. I wish to mention none of her books were given to me in exchange for a review. I Just love this author.  I’ve read many of her books. Check out the ones I’ve reviewed below. If you like contemporary inspirational romance, you’ll truly enjoy any of her novels. 

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