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Spotlight: Angelica’s Christmas Wish

I love the Christmas season and I’m always looking for a good Chrsitmasy Read. If YOU are too, then here’s another Christmas Novella for you.

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Angelica’s Christmas Wish by Carol Underhill

Anaiah Christmas Novella Collection

Release Date: November 15th, 2019


When Serena Cole sees a car careening toward a little girl, she jumps in to save the child with no thought for her own safety. Later, Serena wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Everyone calls her a hero, but she doesn’t recall anything—not even her name. 

Mark Harper, the child’s widowed father, isn’t looking for romance, but the beautiful stranger who saved his daughter’s life captures his interest. But when no one steps up to identify her, he brings her home with him. He doesn’t realize that his decision may make his daughter’s Christmas wish come true.

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Hi, Carol, welcome to my blog. Tell me about yourself. Have you ever been published before? 

I’m one of five siblings raised on a farm. I have a large extended family. We attended a little country church where I learned Bible verses and songs that have stuck with me for life. I have three adult children who inspire me to chase my dreams. Our household includes a spoiled black Lab and several rescued cats. I have done some self-publishing. This is the first book by a traditional publisher.

Tell me about Angelica’s Christmas Wish?  

Serena has just moved to Chicago for a new job. She is waiting downtown at a traffic light when a little girl runs out in front of a speeding car. Serena sprints in front of her and pushes her out of the way. The car hits Serena, instead. She wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. The child’s father is grateful for her heroic act. He watches over her while she is waiting for someone to identify her. When no one does, he takes her home to spend Christmas with him and his daughter.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

Opening presents on Christmas Eve. My husband and I were both raised with the tradition. There were a few years when the kids were younger that I wanted to wait until Christmas morning, but my husband wanted to open them all on Christmas Eve. So did the kids. Majority won out, and opening presents on Christmas Eve has become a tradition that I enjoy with my kids.

That sounds super fun. Sometimes we’ll open one present on Christmas Eve.

What was the inspiration for this story? 

I wanted to write a sweet holiday romance. I had a story in mind that I hadn’t started yet. In June, I decided to work on it. I wrote the opening scene as I had imagined it, and the rest of the story developed from there.

What inspires you to pursue this crazy journey of being an author in general?

From the time I wrote my first story in second grade and read it to the kindergarten class, I have wanted to become an author. I like writing stories for other people to read. I have several manuscripts in various stages of completion. I celebrate when I get one finished. I’ve been trying to become a published author for a long time because I want to share the stories I’ve created with others.

Where can we find you online. Links are welcome!


About the author

One of five siblings raised on a farm, Carol has a large extended family. She attended a little country church where she learned Bible verses and songs that have stuck with her for life. She has three adult children who inspire her to chase her dreams. Her household includes a spoiled black Lab and several rescued cats. Her favorite things are reading, spending time with family and listening to music. She likes quiet mornings with a cup of hazelnut coffee.

Facebook: Carol Underhill

Twitter: @underhill7

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