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Seven Mental Health Titles in Christian fiction

I recently recorded a podcast where I spoke about my novel, Anchor My Heart, in which my worship leader hero Matt, deals with anxiety and depression following a devastating loss.

I wanted to list some Christian titles I’ve read that feature main or side characters who experience mental health issues. I am sure there are a lot more I haven’t read yet. If you know of a great Christian Fiction title that discusses mental health, mention it below in the comments.

A Love Like Ours: by @beckywadewriter features a hero with PTSD. Really well done, tactful descriptions of PTSD here. I’m almost positive he suffers from depression too, by the way he behaves.

Polarized Love: by The heroine here, ends up dating a man with bi polar, and it’s quite the tale. Lots to unpack. Someday I’d love to see his story.

Secret Beach Boyfriend by @karitrumbo The hero’s mother has OCD and this isn’t a ‘general’ term thrown out there, but a very real mental health condition handled well, I think, all things considered. I admired how she authentically addressed the conflict between the mother, father and son, as well as presenting rays of hope rising in the end.

Leaving Oxford by @janetwferguson features a young woman who has anxiety. Her journey toward overcomoing was woven into the story with ease, and none of her anxiety was overplayed or overdramatized. Well done.

Sincerely Yours by @karitrumbo Another fascinating read by Kari, where she showcases a young girl who has all the signs of depression due to a devastating medical diagnosis. I really appreciated this honest depiction of such difficult circumstances.

A Season to Love: by @nicoledeeseauthor features a woman with all the signs of anxiety. I don’t remember reading anything about whether she had a history as a child, but most of it stems from her daughter undergoing 2 years of cancer treatments. Being a mother of 2 girls, one who while I read this story was nearly the same age as the little girl, I completely related to Willa. I struggle with mild anxiety and the reactions Willa held, the struggles she endured, I could totally see myself mirroring her reactions. I adored the romance and how the hero strived to help her overcome her fears.

Others I haven’t read yet:

I’ve been encouraged to discover there are others I’ve not read yet and they all sound like wonderful reads. Here’s a list of a few I’ve been hearing a lot about.

A song in the dark by Rosanna white

Hope Harbor – Irene Hannon

Illusion of Love – Sarah Hamaker – I signed up to read an ARC of this one so I’m looking forward to it.

Under the Magnolias – T.I. Lowe –

Providence by Jennifer Bodiford Sienes

Have you read any of these? Drop any titles you know of below!

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  1. Hi! 🙂 I was looking for new blogs to follow and came across your post. I recently published a Christian fiction novel dealing with mental health. My heroine is an emotional abuse survivor dealing with the aftermath of depression and anxiety. It’s called The Runaway by Storm Leann, and it’s available on Amazon. I’m giving it away for free on the 16-18 of this month if you would like to read it. God bless!

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