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Release day: Northern Deception and Hidden Danger + Double Interview!

I am excited to feature two new releases this week, from authors who are fast becoming friends. It’s been great getting to know each of these ladies!

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Northern Deception by Laurie Wood

Romantic Suspense


Reunions can be deadly.

After a savage attack in university, Kira Summers fled to the safety of northern Canada and her work as a polar bear scientist. But when her whistleblower brother dies in a mysterious car crash, she must return home to bury him and pack his belongings. Unaware she’s carrying explosive evidence someone’s willing to kill for, she has no choice but to rely on the one person she never thought she’d see again.

Lukas Tanner, a widowed single father of a special needs toddler, moved to Churchill five years ago. As the proud owner of Guiding Star Enterprises, a wilderness tour company, he and his daughter lead a simple life. But when Kira comes crashing back into his world, he realizes God has other plans. Now, Lukas and Kira must confront a merciless killer as their past and present collide in a deadly race—a race they must win if they have any hope of a future together.

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Expecting Danger: by Jennifer Pierce

Romantic Suspense


Kate has been on the run from the men who killed her husband and left her for dead—which isn’t easy considering she’s eight months pregnant—but now they’ve found her. Again. Still reeling from her late husband’s betrayal, the last thing Kate wants is the help of a handsome stranger.

Security expert, Jacob Jones, is still grieving the loss of his pregnant wife, and he’s not ready to move on. But when he thwarts an attempted abduction of the beautiful Kate, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Despite her reluctance, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to save her, including giving up his own life.

Kate’s only option is to take a leap of faith and allow Jacob to help her. But can she trust him to keep her and her unborn baby alive? Or will he fail her like everyone else in her life?

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Over the weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing each author. Because they both write romantic suspense, I asked the same questions of each. (by the way, see if you can tell how contrasting in personality these two are just by their answers. It fascinates me :))

Romantic suspense is one of those genres I love to read and wish i could write, but never felt drawn to writing. What compelled you to write Romantic Suspense specifically?

Laurie Wood: I grew up reading Victoria Holt, Phyllis Whitney, then went on to Mary Stewart and Daphne du Maurier. And before I got married I was a police officer so the crime aspects of the genre really appeal to me. Personally, I can’t read a straight up love story. I have to have the suspense angle, or read an historical romance, to satisfy my craving for a great story. And the four authors I mentioned were the masters of romantic suspense and historicals. They dropped you right in the centre of the action and piled on the twists and turns. And you were always guaranteed a dark, brooding and hunky hero in every story!

Jennifer Pierce: I love reading suspense, mystery, and thrillers. I didn’t really like romance books until the last several years. I’ve read so many romantic suspense in the last several years that when I started writing that’s what I automatically started writing.

How long have you been writing? Do you have any other published works?

Laurie Wood: I started writing in the late 1990’s when my kids were little. I joined Romance Writers of America in 1996 and joined the Toronto Romance Writers and the Kiss of Death Chapter and started taking writing courses. Then my husband joined the Air Force in 2004 and we started moving around Canada, and by the time he went to Afghanistan in 2010 I’d written three novels but hadn’t managed to sell any of them. So, I took a break for a bit as we moved again and the kids needed me at that point. I got back in to writing in 2017 and wrote my current book which is coming out now.

This is my debut novel. I had a short story published in a crime anthology back in 2004 but that publisher has gone out of business now.

Jennifer Pierce: I started writing in 2015. Hidden Danger, the book preceding Expecting Danger, released in January 2018. 

Is this book part of a series? If so, give us a taste of what may come in the future!

Laurie Wood: Northern Deception is Book One of “Heroes of the Tundra” and the series centres around the town of Churchill, Manitoba. This book’s hero is Lukas Tanner, who owns one of the wilderness tour guiding company’s up there. The sub-arctic wilderness environment is rich fodder for heroes and their stories. I have several projects on the go, so we’ll see what happens.

Jennifer Pierce: Expecting Danger is the second in my Small Town Guardians series. I know for sure there is a third one as I’ve written about a quarter of it. You’ll learn more about Deputy McKinley, who has brief appearances in both Hidden Danger and Expecting Danger. 

What are your other passions alongside writing stories?

Laurie Wood: Besides my family, I’m passionate about teaching anyone who comes near me spinning or knitting. I spin on a spinning wheel or with a hand spindle. Both are proven to provide dopamine hits in your brain so they’re very “Zen” and relaxing hobbies to do. My wheel is close to my dining table – which is my “writing desk” – and when I’m getting stumped on writing something I’ll pull it over and spin for awhile till my brain clears. I also dye my own wool and silk fibre to suit myself, which is fun and creative and takes a solid day in the kitchen. I love anything to do with colour, art, drawing, scrapbooking, card-making, any kind of visual arts, as well as writing.

Jennifer Pierce: Family and reading.

Where can readers find you and interact with you?

Laurie Wood: My website is at and I have a newsletter they can sign up for there as well as a blog. They can also sign up for the blog and get updates for it as well.




Jennifer Pierce: I’m on Facebook: and Twitter: @JennPierce82

Join Laurie and Jenn for a Facebook Live party full of prizes and cool tidbits about their new releases.

Check out the event details HERE for more info!


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