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Positive happenings: Good news, and bad news

#1. I love my baby girls. I received a rejection letter Friday and stood there contemplating how to react. Then my girls were kind of wrestling on the couch, so I went and wrestled with them, and we all just laughed and laughed and laughed. There was time to be angry later.

#2 I have spent the last 5 ish months sitting on my hands waiting around for the 1st book in my series to be accepted or not into Pelican Book Group. While waiting, I couldn’t very well rewrite books 2 and 3 because I needed to wait to see what the final product of #1 would be. Now that I’m free from that obligation and that waiting, I can finally revise both book 2 and 3 and hopefully create a streamlined series. Now if in the future I have to edit book 1 again, at least book 2 and 3 (hopefully) will be so tight and consistent that any new changes will be easy to add/fix.

#3 I posted in a Facebook group called Fiction Writing, basically stating that this was my first rejection ever from a publisher and if anyone was so inclined, throw some cheer my way. I’m not super mad, I didn’t cry. I’m irritated it took 9 months… but this group is amazing. It’s amazing because they readily threw all kinds of encouragement my way. They also readily give out oodles and oodles of advice to other people who post. I mean, the group has 19,700 members!  I regularly save posts that pop up on that page, they’re so filled with writing advice.

#4. I’m not sick yet.  Considering we’re going through a 2nd round of colds in my house…

#5 Every year there’s a twitter contest that occurs about every 3 months or so called #PitchMadness where authors pitch their works-in-progress and agents and publishers scroll through and choose author pitches they’re interested in. Christian representation has always been extremely low. Out of the 9 agents in my category last year (which was New Adult fiction) ONE person was wiling to accept christian fiction. This year, I finally discovered a new hash tag contest for Christian fiction called #FaithPitch. Same exact premise but for Christian fiction authors. I’m excited!


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