One year blog-anniversary!

The month of August – (not exactly sure which day) – marks the One Year Anniversary for my blog!



Surprised??  Me too!! 



“Stares at everyone in shock”

Okay so it’s SEPTEMBER IST. I know, I forgot I’M SORRY! “hides face”

Guess what guys, I’m not the only one with a blog anniversary!!

Check out Katie Grace whose blog turned TWO

and Curious Wren who’s blog turned ONE!

Now back to me:

Accomplishments of the last year:

  • I actually joined Twitter: something I seriously thought I would never do.
  • Twitter followers: 390
  • Blog followers: 124
  • Blog posts: 147
  • Comments on my blog: 567
  • After I joined Twitter, almost instantly, I discovered #WIPjoy and fell in love
  • Also I discovered and participated in CampNaNoWriMo for the first time.
  • I’ve discovered some amazing new books/series, and new authors! Nadine Brandes, Amanda Tru, to name a few published ones.
  • My first manuscript in my Second Chances Christian Romance series is being reviewed by an editor from Pelican Book Group!
  • Guys, I can’t even count how many free books I have gotten since I started blogging! I won FOUR blog giveaways, and then there are so many authors who hold short ‘freebie’ deals for some of their books, usually revealed in a blog post or newsletter or whathaveyou. I caught a memorial day special and received an entire historical fiction series for FREE. Also, thank you to Book Blogger Author Unpublished’s FREE FICTION FRIDAY posts, I not only found countless books for FREE, but stumbled upon an amazing series and one of my favorite new authors: Amanda Tru. Authors Unpublished rounds up the best free and cheap-ish books on Kindle and posts them every 1 to 2 weeks. She alternates genres. It’s a literal book lover’s GOLDMINE.
  • I joined a great group of bloggers/writers who post WIP excerpts weekly, part of WIPpet Wednesday

Goals for my next blogging year:

  • Institute a Christian Fiction Friday weekly or bi-weekly blog hop where writers contribute excerpts from WIPs on a consistant basis.
  • Do monthly author interviews
  • Find out what’s going to happen for sure with my first MS. Submit to more publishers if necessary.
  • Finish up my YA action adventure manuscript and perhaps maybe submit to multiple somewheres….not sure if this is a great idea because then I’d have to establish a pen name / 2nd identity. But this book has been heavy on my mind lately.
  • finish up a complete draft of at least ONE of my other christian romance WIPs (there are 3 on the back burner

Thank you to everyone who follows me, who reads but doesn’t follow me, who follows me elsewhere (facebook and twitter) I have built some amazing blogging friendships, discovered some extremely useful and resourceful blogs on writing, publishing, editing, etc. AND discovered some amazing books along the way.

Do you blog? how long have you been blogging? What are some of your goals for the next year?

I love hearing from you so comment away!



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  1. Congratulations on so many amazing accomplishments this year and congratulations on your first anniversary on this blog!
    Here’s to many many more <3

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