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New Release & Author Spotlight: A Heart Held Captive

Katy Eeten’s new release, A Heart held Captive, is available now on Amazon. I’m excited to have Katy on my blog today to answer a few questions.

Hi, Katy! Tell use about yourself!

I live in southeast Wisconsin (despite not digging the long, cold winters!) with my husband, Jason, and our two sons. I work in the corporate world by day, but I make sure to find time to write at night. I also like to take walks, bake, spend time with my family, and volunteer in my church’s youth group.

What genre do you write in, and why?

I write contemporary Christian romance because I love happy endings! Creating a story where a godly relationship can develop in the midst of everyday messes is somehow healing to my soul, and I hope others benefit mentally and spiritually from my words as well.

If you could write in any other genre, what would you write, and why?

I think I would choose mysteries. I love the idea of creating a story that keeps readers on their toes and makes them wonder “whodunnit” and what’s coming next. I also enjoy an occasional time-travel story, and wish I had the skill and motivation to put together a really clever, poignant story with that theme.

I love time travel stories. Woohoo 🙂

What is your favorite aspect of this new story you’re releasing and why? (Character, or plot, or favorite scene?)

My favorite scene is when Cole and Emily are talking on the porch swing. It’s the first time Emily starts letting down her guard, and it really propels their relationship forward. I really enjoyed writing that scene 😊

What do you want readers to take away from this story?

The main theme is that with God’s grace, we don’t have to be held captive to mistakes or sins from our past. Our past doesn’t define us, and God doesn’t have any pre-requisites before we can turn to Him. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” -2 Corinthians 5:17

Love that theme!

A Heart Held Captive is now available on Amazon. By the way,  I love this cover. Tell me you don’t! It’s adorable!

a heart held captive 1600x2400.png


Physical therapist Cole Pearson has had his share of shallow relationships. But a year spent focusing on God opened his eyes to what he really wants in life. When he learns that ER nurse Emily Jenkins has volunteered to pay for a foster child’s therapy, he is inexplicably drawn to her generous spirit. If only he can convince her to take things beyond their casual conversations at the clinic.

Emily is a prisoner to her past mistakes and insists on paying a price God never asked her to pay. When she finally allows herself to grow closer to Cole, her faulty theology is shattered and her wounded heart begins to mend. But when tragedy strikes, Emily is sent into a tailspin. Can Cole help her grasp the freedom of God’s grace, or will she revert back to the captivity of her old ways and shut Cole out of her life for good?

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