#NaNoWriMo is here.

Most of you reading this, who are not authors are like…NaNo what?

November is National Novel Writing Month, where millions of authors and would-be authors sit down and try to pen or type out an entire novel in one month. When I say a novel in a month, I don’t mean a completely finished novel just a finished draft. Then, of course, there will be multiple more drafts and multiple rounds of editing, professional or not.

So, in light of this phenomenon, I am taking a much needed break from editing all three of my current manuscripts simultaneously (exhausting…) and working on a 4th novel. Yes, I think I’m crazy.

It’s already outlined, I just have to get it down in draft form. Then, I probably won’t touch it again for another six months while I try to get my first 3 books all polished up and such…

I think I’m crazy.

That’s okay, most writers are.

Quick, about this book, then I’ll end my update. I seriously have like 6 story ideas bouncing around in my head, and 3 partially written outlines. But I strongly believe that God wants me to write THIS one. He says, this one first, the others later. This time, unlike with most other conversations I have with God, I know exactly why He wants me to write this. Unfortunately, it’s too soon to tell you all why. It’s rather deeply personal.

Much love. If you’re not a writer, go read a book (or two or three) to celebrate NaNoWriMo.

Happy reading.:)