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My top 5 new-ish authors: Love of Reading Month Part 2

Who loves reading? “raises hand”

Even if you don’t love reading, guess what, you’re reading right now!

Ha ha.

Okay so there’s tons of different types of reading. Still.

Last week I shared with you my all-time favorite classic writer.

Today I wanted to celebrate the Love of Reading Month by sharing with you some of my favorite new-ish authors. Here are my top five. (in no particular order by the way, because I could never ORDER THEM that would be so unfair!)


#1 Hallee Bridgeman

Author of Christian romance/Suspense. I stumbled upon her books when I owned my first kindle, and she inspired me to begin writing with a goal toward publication. Often, her characters are memorable and stuck with me long after I stopped reading.

#2 Amanda Tru

Author of Christian Romance/suspense. Her Time travel romance series is so much fun to read, I devoured the 7 books (they’re short though) in quick succession. For me, the combination of Time travel, romance and suspense was an excellent concoction!

#3 Nadine Brandes

A Christian speculative fiction author who just released the closing book for her first debut series, the Out of Time Series. I don’t typically read sci fi type books, but I love my dystopian novels (as long as they’re not star trek ish. Sorry trek fans.) But her writing is superb, her books full of action, great characters. One of the reasons I enjoy her so much is because she is great at reaching out to her fans and sharing her life with us. It’s been so fun getting to know her.

#4 Lynn Austin

This is another author of christian historical fiction that inspired me to want to start writing toward publication. I enjoy her methods of storytelling. I think she’s been around quite a while actually. Still, new to me.

#5 Becky Wade

Another Contemporary Christian Fiction author I recently discovered last year. Her writing is fresh and contemporary, beautiful, heartwarming, clean and error free. I love the stories, the characters, the way she describes things. I’ve learned a lot just by reading her books. Becky has also been writing for quite some time, as she wrote historical fiction before she began writing contemporary romance.

There are so many amazing and talented  authors, contemporary, classic, (and everything in between), it’s astounding. I could rattle off a hundred if I chose to, (and bore you to death of course) and I’m sure you all would give me an entirely different set of 100 awesome authors in return.

To me, reading is something that will never, ever get old because there are so many new books from new authors, and so many old books waiting to be rediscovered. The beauty of reading is that there is so much choice. So many different genres, Christian, non-Christian, fiction, non-fiction.

If you’re an author, keep writing. If you’re a reader, keep reading!

Who are you favorite new-ish authors?





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  1. If I take new to mean authors I’ve discovered since January 2016 😉 , I’d have to say VE Schwab, Patrick Rothfuss, Robin McKinley, Madeleine L’Engle and Fredrik Backman.

    Great post, my dear 🙂

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