My top 5 favorite Christmas songs. What are yours?

I have quite a few favorite holiday songs, more than 5, but the ones I most love to just hum to and sing constantly would be.

o come o com e

Versions that are slow and almost haunting are the best!

Copy of O Holy Night

Literally ANY version is amazing. I love this song so much! Some of my favorite renditions: Pentetonis, Trans Siberian Orchestra, John Williams’ version from Home Alone. I am sure there are others I’m forgetting.

O Holy Night

It’s actually hard to find the version I like the most. Josh Groban’s is simply incredible, but the one I heard over and over as a kid by some guy I don’t remember the name of is definitely my favorite. I wish I could remember his name.

Silver Bells

Because my grandma (who passed away over a decade ago) loved this song, and because my mom loved this song, and because I love songs that tell a story or describe a scene.

Copy of Merry Christmas

The scene descriptions! It makes me feel all fuzzy and warm and cheery!

 What songs do you love to hear around Christmas? Do you have your own playlist?

Here’s my Christmas music playlist

Merry Christmas.jpg



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  1. O Holy Night & Carol of the Bells are definitely up there for me as my favourite Christmas songs! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas my dear! Many blessings and best wishes to you and your family <3

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