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This is not a test: Music Monday Album Review


This is not a Test:

Toby Mac

Christian pop/contemporary








Toby Mac’s newest album This is not a Test is a prime example of a contemporary christian artist at his best. Not only did the CD produce numerous radio hits, he also chose to collaborate with lesser-known artists on 5 of the 11 tracks. This displays his willingness to be a mentor in the industry, to give back, to show that he’s willing to put others first and help those in the future generation of Christian music succeed.

The theme throughout the string of songs in this album is: To live life to its fullest; as evidenced through songs about not giving up, about shining your light for others to see, about trusting God to lead. The title track This is not a Test sums the theme up nicely. The lyrics themselves reference several other songs within the album, which I think is ingenious.

Some  of the songs are personal outcries from Toby’s heart. In a short KLOVE Behind the Music segment on the song Until the day I die, he speaks of his willingness to continue to sing and produce music until he’s physically no longer able. His passion abounds because of his love for God.

Also, super awesome bonus! 

Toby Mac reunited with his former DC talk buddies to bring us an amazing rock-esque song full of all the classic DC talk elements you love. If you loved DC talk as I did, then you will want to listen to this song!

In an interview with CCM magazine, Toby explains the meaning behind this song, What love feels like, saying that the emotional song was partially influenced by the death of his father. The first time I heard this song, I was so extremely excited to hear the voices of Kevin Max and Michael Tait that I barely caught all the words. Then I sat and listened to it on repeat to try and figure out what in the world this song meant. What love feels Like was for me, a beautiful surprise on this album.

I love this CD. It’s full of upbeat songs that you can move and dance to, as well as songs full of passionate lyrics that speak to the heart, that make you think.

Favorite songs: 

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite song. I love What love feels like, Move (keep walking,), Backseat driver.  But the one song my daughter and I love to sing together is Love broke through.