Mirth Music Monday

Mirth and Music Monday

I’ll tell you a secret. My favorite poems and songs are those that tell a story. Sure, I appreciate plenty of poems and stories that are more symbolic or figurative, but I have always been drawn to poems and songs that actually have a plot, if that makes any sense.

So I have two things for you today. A song and a poem that each tell a story. They’re both about Christmas. I hope you enjoy as much as I did 🙂

His Favorite Christmas Story by Capital Lights is actually a song I have never heard before yesterday. 🙂 It’s so cute, heartwarming, kind of sad too, in a way.

On the other hand, I first heard The Boy who laughed at Santa Claus by Ogden Nash, almost 15 years ago when my high school English teacher read it in class. I have laughed at it and loved it ever since. I wish I could ask him to read it again so I could put his voice on Youtube. I thoroughly enjoyed the way he read it, with more humor in his tone, and a less scary-serious tone. But, Scott Baker was the best reading I could find. I watched at least 5 other ones and they were all horribly boring. Anyhow, this reading is humorous in a more, dark, creepy way…

As I re read this poem, I keep hearing James Earl Jones’ voice narrating. LOL.


Thanks for our great host, Rose for hosting the Mirth and Music Monday blog hop.

Happy Monday everyone. Hopefully, I will get through this stupid cold get on with my week.


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  1. Thank you for sharing both the lovely song which touched my heart and the entertaining story so eloquently and artistically told! Very enjoyable! Merry Christmas& Happy New Year!

  2. Reblogged this on jemsbooks and commented:
    A heart-felt story/song and an entertaining story about a boy who laughed at Santa Claus eloquently told for the Christmas season! Enjoy! Thank you, authors williams.wordpress.com for sharing this! I thoroughly enjoyed both!

  3. Scott Baker’s expression! Hahahahaha! That poem reminds me of my eldest. We’ve never taught Santa Claus, but Calliou convinced her there was one. (We banned the show after that. It annoyed me anyway.) It eventually led to an at-the-time embarrassing but now hilarious (to me, at least) incident.

    I hadn’t heard the song before. How tragic.

    1. Omg that show is annoying. He’s just so incredibly whiny. My 4yr old was into it. Now I only let her watch the 1st season he’s not so whiny and there are songs and such which they took out of later seasons

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