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Love’s Violet Sunrise: Book Review


Love’s Violet Sunrise: Eagle Harbor prequel 

By Naomi Rawlings

Historical Christian Romance


With her brother facing trial for a murder he didn’t commit, German immigrant Mabel Krause needs a lawyer who can help prove her brother’s innocence. The only trouble is–she can’t afford one.

Hiram Cummings needs money to return to law school, and the fastest way to earn it is by working as a legal clerk for the powerful and rich Rhett Vandergriff. When a desperate immigrant comes to him for help, he finds himself on a mission to prove a man’s innocence, risking his job in the process.

But all is not as it appears, and Hiram soon learns that not only is his job at risk, but he’s also in danger of losing his heart–if he and Mabel don’t lose their lives first.

Love’s Violet Sunrise is a prequel to the bestselling Eagle Harbor Series. It takes place thirty years before the actual series begins and can be read either before or after the rest of the series, or as a standalone.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed this little novella. The story progressed at the perfect pace, and sometimes when you are reading novellas, that isn’t the case. The characters were beautifully written, the romance progressed quite nicely. I enjoyed the subtle historical premise. I say subtle because there was no long drawn out explanations, there were no information-dumping paragraphs. In a novella, you can’t really afford such things anyhow.

If you’re into a quick, historical romance read, this is just the perfect thing for you

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