#IWSG Wednesday: Let’s get personal

This month’s IWSG question: Have you ever slipped any of your personal information into your characters, either by accident or on purpose?

Absolutely I have! Mostly it’s personal tidbits about other people; character attributes , physical features… sometimes it’s my own personality quirks or tendencies that come out in a specific character. Sometimes it’s a name that I associate with a terrible person. The name of my antagonist in my 2nd book (which I’m currently seeking Beta readers for) is actually the name of a guy who stalked me in high school. Huge creep. To this day I don’t like the “name” though I try really hard not to judge people who have that name…

And then there are tidbits I slip in that I am sure people don’t wan’t me to brag about…well I guess that depends on the person. There’s lots of little secret tidbits peppered in my works! Someday maybe I’ll do a fun little blog post Q and A. Maybe around the release of my debut novel. “hehehehehe”

Thanks to the Insecure Writer’s support group for hosting this monthly meme. You can meet a multitde of writers from all genres by visiting some of their blogs here. 

Yoru turn: Do you ever let perosnal information slip into the stories you write?

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  1. At some point my editor pointed out to me that there are certain recurring themes in my writing, like family, religion, and illness. I hadn’t even realized I was doing it, but that was my real life sneaking into my stories. There are probably lots of ways life influences our writing without our knowing it.

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