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Homeland’s hope: Book review

homeland's hope

Homeland’s Hope: Book 2 in the Virtues and Valor series

By Hallee Bridgeman

Historical Fiction


Stage and screen legend VIRGINIA BENOIT performs for standing room only crowds in her adopted home of France. When the Nazis roll into Paris, she flees to Casablanca, taking the heart of a enemy General with her. While in there, Virginia devises a plan to use her position, talent, and influence with the high ranking Axis officer to aid the Allied cause.

Virginia joins the Virtues team, assigned the code-name HOPE. Her keen mind trains in the craft of espionage. After staging a rift with the US, she returns to Paris, hiding undercover in plain sight, and spies on the enemy. All is well until the Third Reich imprisons the Virtues wireless operator, code named Temperance.

As the Virtues engineer a plan to rescue Temperance from the Gestapo’s clutches, Virginia takes to the stage to play her part in the daring mission. Will the murderous racism of the Nazi High Command prevent her from fulfilling her duties?

I am really enjoying this series. I’m on book 4 so far. I found Homeland’s Hope to be my favorite so far. I enjoyed it much more than the first installment. Overall I felt that the writing has improved from book 1. I also found myself more interested in Hope’s story,  in her character. Again the tension and anxiety run high as she embarks on a dangerous mission, using her fame and influence to purposefully befriend Nazi soldiers. We meet some of the same characters, and in each installment, we find out more and more about the different women Virtues. In this installment, we also meet some important new characters.

Both books ended with a great cliffhanger that compel you to find out what happens next. I think this cliffhanger was executed much more effectively.

As I am reading through all of these, I’m aware that the very first installment is the most important, as it sets up the rest of the stories. Homeland’s Hope, as well as book 3, does not begin right after Temperance’s Trial. Instead, they begin slightly before, and lead up to the events in Temperance’s trial. It’s interesting and quite clever.

These are short, fun reads. If you like historical fiction, I recommend this series!

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