Happy Blogiversary!

Happy2 year Blogiversary!

I can hardly comprehend that I’ve been blogging for two years. It’s awesome, astounding, and exciting!

Here’s some of my accomplishments over the last two years

Free book downloads:  98089080890 OK NOT REALLY but it feels like I’ve downloaded that many!

Blog posts: 238

Twitter: 704 followers

TBR pile: INSANELY HIGH. There are so many amazing authors out there, I can’t keep up. If only I could read faster 🙂

Book Launch teams: In the last 2 years….I think I’ve been on 4 Launch/street teams? 5 if you count doing a blog tour? (There wasn’t actually a team, but I participated in a blog tour for Her One and Only. Awesome book)

Favorite books / book series from Sept 2016 to Sept 2017:

The Out of Time series by Nadine Brandes, The second and third of which I read last year, were amazing and really thought provoking.

New Authors discovered: I love Kara Isaac, who’s debut novel Close to You hooked me. New favorite author! I also discovered authors Becky Wade and Rachael Hauck, and have read several of their books already and will continue to read more of their books! But honestly, there are so many amazing authors!

A look back at my goals from last year. 

  • Institute a Christian Fiction Friday weekly or bi-weekly blog hop. Unfortunately this didn’t work out. Not enough interest. Maybe someday later on when I’m an established author and have more author friends.
  • Do monthly author interviews: You know – authors are busy people. I tried to implement them into my blog but only managed a couple.
  • Find out what’s going to happen for sure with my first MS. Done and goodbye Pelican. Don’t worry, no hard feelings. Hello Anaiah Press!!
  • Submit to more publishers if necessary. Which I did!
  • Finish up my YA action adventure manuscript: …. still working on that one 😀
  • finish up a complete draft of at least ONE of my other christian romance WIPs: Good news! Two new WIPs are hovering in the 30 to 40 K range. Not finished though 🙁

My goals for 2017/2018 – (Here’s hoping for a better year!)

To sign a publishing contract:  I’ve signed a publishing contract in September, which is fantastic! Check one off my list.

To finish a new WIP outside of my 3 book series:

To finish that pesky, difficult YA action adventure book I’ve been revising for like…ever

Your turn:

How long have you been blogging? What’s the most difficult thing about blogging?

What are your goals or plans for the next year?

I love hearing from you, so please comment and interact!

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Sara Beth Williams