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Giveaway ending in TWO DAYS. (+ more giveaways to come!)

If you’ve not seen or heard on social media, I’m doing a giveaway throughout the month of June.

Why am I doing a giveaway? Why not? Haha! You’d be surprised how random some authors’ giveaways really are. I love it! I’m a sucker for entering giveaways, they’re tons of fun!

This one isn’t quite so random. These giveaways are a celebration!

Each month, throughout the rest of the summer, I’ll be giving away paperbacks from my favorite authors, those authors who have encouraged me and inspired me to write toward the goal of publication. And now that I am oh so very soon to be published, I want to celebrate each of them!6

For the month of June, if you subscribe to my newsletter HERE, you’ll be entered to win a SIGNED paperback copy of Where We Belong by Lynn Austin. YEP that’s right, I was extremely blessed to receive an autograph from Lynn Austin to include in the giveaway!! Sign up BY JUNE 30TH to be entered to win!!

Lynn Austin is one of my favorites, and one of the first Christian Fiction authors I really dove into, who inspired me to pursue Christian Fiction in general, as I was undecided on which path I should choose for my writing journey.

Win a copy of Where We Belong

The only problem I’m having now, is trying to choose which books to giveaway next! Lol

What author has inspired you? Either inspired your writing, or just overall inspired you with their amazing stories?

Do you like Lynn Austin? What is your favorite story of hers? Comment on Facebook, or Twitter , or drop a comment below. Let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for future giveaways throughout July and August featuring some of my other favorite Authors. Bet you can’t guess which ones they are! (If you follow my blog regularly though, I bet you can lol)


5 Comments on “Giveaway ending in TWO DAYS. (+ more giveaways to come!)

  1. I’ve only read one Lynn Austin book, A Proper Pursiut and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely read more.

  2. I like Lynn Austin’s books, they are really good. Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. Hi! Thank you for the opportunity to enter a giveaway. Have enjoyed reading books by Lynn Austin in the past; hope to read more by her as well. If I win in the giveaway, would prefer a print copy or paperback. Thanks, again! Message me if you need my mailing address:) Lual

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