Music inspiration

Forgivenes: Mathew West

I’m a huge fan of Mathew West, more and more each time he comes out with a new CD. This song is a bit older, but I love it. It challenges and convicts, and at the same time, speaks of hope and encouragement.

If my book series had a theme song, this would be the one.

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things for human beings to conquer. We as a human race have  conquered so much of this world, we’ve conquered other races and then suffered the ramifications time and gain; we’ve conquered fields of science and technology, and continue to do so year after year. But Forgiveness often remains elusive. It’s within our hearts and longs to be given, longs to be accepted. Yet it’s often caged in the back of our hearts or minds like a rabid dog. Why do we have war? Why do people kill each other? Why do people lie and steal and cheat?

Even for me, forgiveness is a difficult hurdle to jump over. When I was younger, I definitely was the kind of person that held a grudge. I am working on it, very slowly. Deliberately taking steps to forgive. It’s not easy, because it is not human nature. I believe truly that the power of God is needed to rid the heart of a lack of forgiveness. Even those people who are naturally easy-going and/or forgiving, if you were to look deep enough, everyone has some kind of anger and lack of forgiveness in their hearts. The biggest difference between us and God? Where we struggle inwardly constantly, God gives forgiveness freely and willingly.

All three books in my series delve into the lives of 6 different people who struggle with this in some form or another. The road they travel as they struggle against human nature, and reach out toward God (or sometimes fight against a God reaching out toward them) is arduous. All that on top of trying to figure out the complicated matter of falling in love.

I look forward to sharing more songs with you. Until next week 🙂