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Flight of Faith: Book Review

5184gyd0smlFlight of Faith: #7 in the virtues and valor series by Hallee Bridgeman

Historical fiction/inspirational fiction


HELEN MULBERRY, the youngest child and only daughter of a wealthy Texas oil tycoon, has always had her every wish granted immediately. When the Germans march into France, no one denies her request to fly her plane to England and help free up a male pilot for combat. Her father’s influence opens doors, and 19 year old Helen joins the Virtues team.

Now under the code-name FAITH, she flies between Britain and France, transporting passengers, supplies, or performing reconnaissance. The Nazis guard their skies with vigor, and Helen learns to fly in combat, land in a field with no lights, and evade the anti-aircraft fire. She masterfully takes on each mission, despite the perceptions and chauvinistic attitudes of many of the male pilots.

Shot down over France during the mission to rescue the agent code named TEMPERANCE from the clutches of the Gestapo, Helen must make her way through enemy territory with no language skills and somehow come through with a means to get her team back to Britain. Can she save them, or will they all find that they have no way out?

My thoughts:

This particular book was a great addition to the series, and possibly could have been the end of the series, but the author had other plans of course. #8 is a book based on Valor, one of the many men undercover alongside these women who were undercover in Occupied France during WWII

As a pilot, Faith took on the brunt of the risk and therefore was involved in a great deal of action, having to transport various operatives from England to Occupied France and back again, without being spotted, etc. Flying in total darkness, and (SPOILER ALERT) at one point crash landing, then having to steal another plane to complete the mission. I enjoyed her story, and her interaction with the other virtues. Though her job was integral to the rest of the virtues’ stories, her story in and of itself seemed somewhat set apart because she wasn’t interacting constantly with the other virtues.

The ending was very intense, and we finally are able to realize the result, after the abrupt-ish endings of A Parcel for Prudence and Mission of Mercy overlapped with one another.

I enjoyed Flight of Faith.  I recommend all of them together of course. Great series, short books, action packed, easy to read.

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