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Fight song: Rachel Platten

Happy Music Monday! Here’s another addition to my book series playlist.

Fight song: Rachel Platten

The first time I heard this song, I had chills. Instantly, I identified this song with Serena’s situation. She’s naive, but strong. She’s a fighter, she doesn’t give up easily. She’s independent, she struggles through it on her own, even when others try to help her out of her unfortunate situation. It takes her a long time to admit that she’s in too deep and to accept the help of her friends.

I loved the 2nd chorus of his song that talks about being in too deep, about everybody worrying. That’s what’s happening with Serena in this 2nd addition to my book series.

The power of this song is that it can speak to multiple situations. It doesn’t directly reference one situation over another. It’s about standing up, believing in yourself, and fighting. Of course, having a support system to assist you helps tremendously.




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  1. I love this song. It’s such a great anthem and a wonderful inspiration. I have it on one of my WIP playlists, plus it’s one of my running songs 😉
    I love how music can speak to our characters so well!

    1. It really does speak to my characters and it k I nda brings them to life it gives them authenticity bridging the gap between fiction and reality

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