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Exploring my bookshelves

This intriguing meme/blog hop is hosted by Addlepates and Book nerds. I stumbled upon it through another blog, which I found through another blog. And the web never ends.

The goal: to find a book on your shelf, virtual and otherwise, that match the topic for that week.

This week’s topic is:

A Christmas Present

Several years back, my mom gave me the entire set of the Chronicles of Narnia. I’ve read up to book 5, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Still trying to motivate myself to read the last two. I thoroughly enjoyed Prince Caspian the most, so far.

Mostly, I prefer kindle gift cards to books, because it’s like giving or receiving several books in one little card. Also, my eyes are failing me miserably as of late 🙁

Other gifts given and received: my husband has been gifted the first four books of the Game of Thrones series. In case you live under a rock, or just refused for the longest time, like I did, to not care about Game of Thrones, check out the synopsis here. He keeps trying to convince me to read them. Hmm, we’ll see. I started watching the show, so now I’m slightly more intrigued….slightly.

For a while, he was also gifted the last few books of the Wheel of Time series for Christmas.

OH yes. Lastly, probably the most interesting books given to me for Christmas several years back, were these huge, insane, volumes of history, that make you feel intelligent just by virtue of you owning them. One on Sailing (with which I have a fascination) one on Chinese culture, another one the history of War.

What has been your favorite book given as a Christmas gift? 

Happy new year friends, and happy reading!


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