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Dance Over Me: Book Review

Dance Over Me: by Candee Fick

Genre: Contemporary inspirational romance


Danielle Lefontaine, a fledgling actress, has her sights set on Broadway. But when a jealous cast member threatens to drop the curtain on her dreams, Danielle fears her one brilliant moment in the spotlight is about to become a dim memory. Alex Sheridan is living his dream — playing the trumpet and helping run his family’s dinner theater. When “Dani” dances into his life, Alex is sure he’s found the perfect partner — if only the bright lights of a bigger stage don’t lure her away first.

My thoughts:

This story was heartwarming, so fun and romantic.  The author did an amazing job of bringing visual elements like dance and theater to the reader like a movie. It was awesome how I became so immersed in the world I could see the dancing and the plays, the acting. Such a great read.

The characters

I loved Dani. She was so fun, so energetic, and determined to succeed. I have yet to meet a book character who took the whole “hiding your word in your heart” to heart. (too much?) I love reading (and writing) about broken characters, but sometimes it’s great to meet a character who really does have her spiritual life together.  Of course, she had other faults, other insecurities, and a goal of finding her biological brother that drove her and frustrated her to no end. She wasn’t immune to the lure of success.

Alex, as well, was so well described, his artistic qualities so well-crafted he read as such an authentic artistic persona. I really enjoyed both of these main characters.

And what’s a fun, romantic story without an antagonist character trying to drive a wedge in between Alex and Dani?

The story:

I loved how Fick created an entire musical number and then ran the plot alongside it. Some of the story was predictable, but a fun, romantic predictable.


If you are a lover of romance, theater, or music, you’ll love this story. It captures the theatrical atmosphere, and the personas of musicians and actors so authentically. I really enjoyed the romance and the backdrop of theater and I definitely recommend it to other readers!