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Cry of my Heart: Book Review

5132tposxmlCry of my heart: Montana Skies book 1

By Linda Ford

Genre: Contemporary inspirational romance


After losing her father at a young age, Nicole Thomas has structured her life to avoid risks. She’s content running her antique store and caring for her grandmother and sister–at least that’s what she tells herself. If the secret desires of her heart go unmet… that’s just the way it has to be. Right? 

Oil & gas negotiator Andrew “Ace” Conners has always planned to be alone. He’ll do his duty and settle the affairs of his aunt and then get out of Reliance, Montana. But when his late aunt’s neighbor insists on finding treasures among the estate’s belongings, he can’t help falling for the dynamic, compassionate woman, even though he knows she’s not for him. 

When a man from Ace’s past appears seeking retribution, Ace and Nicole must face their biggest fears–together–or lose the love they both long for.

My thoughts

Ever since my husband gifted me a western romance by Linda Ford several years ago for my birthday, I’ve been a fan. I enjoy her well-crafted stories, deep characters, and the unique, gradual way she builds romantic tension. This one isn’t a western but contemporary; yet it has the feel of a western because the setting is in a small town in Montana. The rustic setting, combined with the more contemporary romantic tension gives it a unique flavor.

The characters

I enjoyed both characters, because they were so relatable. How many times have we gone through life fearing the unknown, hesitant to take risks? Nicole isn’t just hesitant to take risks, she’s terrified, which for some readers is a very relatable trait. Ace on the other hand, is a risk-taker, courageous, spontaneous at times, yet very methodical.

The story

Ace has always known he would be alone, and he’s planned his life around that fact, due to a grave misunderstanding during his childhood. Misunderstandings often drive plots, and this story is no exception.

When Nicole kinda ruins his plans to take care of his aunt’s residence and get out, the plans he had laid out for his life begin to unravel.

Recommended? \

This is a great story because of the romantic tension, the characters’ inner struggles, and the growth that the characters experience both emotionally and spiritually. Not particularly heaty, but that’s okay, not every book has to be. I do recommend this book.

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