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Cover Reveal: Anchor My Heart

It’s finally time. I am SO excited to share my cover with you all! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I sincerely hope the characters on this cover come to life for you through these pages as much as they have for me.

But first, the official summary.

About Anchor My Heart

Worship leader Matt Lawson has every blessing in life he could ever ask for—a dream job, a woman he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with, and his God-given musical talent. In one tragic night, the future he’d so carefully planned out for himself crumbles at his feet. In the aftermath, a debilitating past affliction roars back to life and leaves him reeling in despair, unable to face the reality that he has lost everything he held dear.  

Tara Pierce has spent the last five years crushing on everyone else’s man. Now, she’s about to graduate college. It’s time to put past infatuations aside and focus on her career goals. At her sister’s urging, the two come together to brainstorm what could be just the jumpstart Tara needs in her Child Development career. When Matt’s grief causes him to isolate himself from everyone he knows, she refuses to stand idly by and do nothing. She has traversed similar terrain before. No one deserves to travel that road alone.  

Unexpected attraction flares as Tara reaches into the sea of Matt’s grief and helps ground him in reality. Warning bells clang within and Matt holds back, but their shared experiences only heighten the magnetism between them. Still, Tara senses he’s not ready to give himself away again. Risking her heart and their friendship, she is forced to put distance between them and let God step in to heal where she can’t. 

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